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As they say… “Welcome to Taiwan”


I’m going on another holiday! From 17 – 24 December 2011, I’ll be in Taiwan! Have you seen the WELCOME TO TAIWAN ads?

For someone who hates travelling, three trips to three different countries in 1 year is a big thing to achieve! I guess it evens out since I did not travel for work this year. I was in England for the first two weeks of January and enjoyed a nice English winter (the tail end of it) and I jetted off to Bandung, Indonesia for a quick 5-day jaunt to reconnect with friends. Now, I’m heading to Taiwan!

Patsy booked us on a packaged-tour holiday (with 2 others) and I’m just riding the wave! Firstly, I don’t speak very good Mandarin (for some strange reason most people find my accent grating). Secondly, I’ve never been to Taiwan. Thirdly, I can’t read traditional Chinese script (we learn Simplified Chinese in Singapore). Fourthly, I’m not sure if I’m up with the programme. We’re travelling with a bus load of other strangers and there’s a fixed itinerary to follow. BUT YES! I’m excited and I’m making the most of it!

I’m excited because I have friends in Taiwan! And we’re going to meet up finally in their homeground, not mine. My friend Sky even said she’ll take me around Taipei on her motorcycle! WOOHOO!! And I’ve never travelled with Patsy (we were ex-colleagues)!

Anyway, I have started packing. I know I’m about 1 month away… but I do get terribly busy just before the trip and I’ll be working up to the day I leave. This gives me time to reorganise if necessary. All I’m bringing is a half-filled cabin-sized suitcase and a spare backpack. What do you think? 7-8 days away, this should be enough stuff right? I’ve got 4 tees, 4 dresses, 1 cardigan, 1 lightly padded trench coat, 1 pair of jeans, 3 pairs of opaque tights, 2 pairs of socks, a bag of accessories, a set of sleeping shorts/tee, a pair of ballet flats and sneakers. Of course, toiletries, make-up and underwear (half of which are icky disposables).



Author: Chloe Happ

I left Singapore for the US of A in 2013 and now live in Las Vegas with my indie game dev husband and our son Gummi Gumdrop. I am also probably much older than you think I am.

4 thoughts on “As they say… “Welcome to Taiwan”

  1. I love holidays and Taipei is a great city – I lived there for about three months. I loved the night markets so much – I would love to go back for a visit sometime soon. Have the best time whilst you are away and good thinking packing in advance!

  2. The closest I’ve ever been to Taiwan was in Nepal…not close enough.
    Have a great vacation!

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