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I’m another year older today!


So it’s my birthday and I am a year older. I say the 30s is the new 20s and life is good. I am closer to 40 and forgetting what it was like when I was 20.

Every year I hate September. I suffer from S.A.D. I have bitter-sweet feelings about my birthday. I feel like life played a cruel joke on me in 1996 that will keep replaying every year when my birthday comes round and any sign of happiness on my part is perverse. I’ll keep it cryptic because this blog is of a one-sided, simplistic and frivolous nature. Please continue to enjoy the trivial pursuits of my seemingly brainless existence.

Here are some nice things I received this year:












Thank you for these lovely things. My sisters made me rainbow cupcakes which I ate for breakfast and dessert after dinner. My mother gave me jewellery featuring my birthstone Sapphire. My colleagues rallied together and gave me S$150 worth of vouchers, food, crazy pink pigmented lipsticks, books and a pouch! My Aunt gave me expensive perfume (I know this because she forgot to tear off the price tag!) And I got a delicious dinner treat from my closest group of friends, as well as handmade soap from Tim & Harvon!

The same time next year, I hope I’ll be closer to becoming a homeowner!


Author: Chloe Happ

I left Singapore for the US of A in 2013 and now live in Las Vegas with my indie game dev husband and our son Gummi Gumdrop. I am also probably much older than you think I am.

6 thoughts on “I’m another year older today!

  1. You lucky lucky thing.
    Is that a crochet book I spy there? I love to crochet, mt fave thin to make is blankets and amigurimi.
    Happy Birthday. xoxoxo


  3. Happy belated birthday, Chloe! And fyi, your pursuits are never trivial, they are fabulous just like you! Here’s hoping your birthday was filled with joy, love, and laughter! 🙂

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Sorry I’m a little late – but I hope you had the best day and those rainbow cupcakes are SO incredible! I want one!

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