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Fat-shionista #444


It’s 444! Not a good number for the Chinese but I hope it doesn’t mean anything.

Wow! Been weeks since I last updated. I do want to be more consistent and post at least 2-3 times a week. I’ve been doing tons lately. Work has been so exciting and I haven’t had a breather yet. I’ll save those updates for later but I must say I’m looking forward to a 2 week long holiday. I’ll technically be in Singapore half the time but time away from the office is a holiday right? Also, T will be here in just over 30 hours! We will be going to Kuala Lumpur, Batam and Bangkok!

Anyway… This was supposed to be a quick outfit post. So here’s me wearing one of my favourite dresses yet AGAIN. I have like 5 variations of this now I think!

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Floral pink custom tea dress from SOHOMODE

Accessories: Floral necklace from ACCESSORIZE

Footwear: Blush pink wedge heels from ZIPIA



There’s me trying out some new poses… Okay actually I was just fooling around with Sian Eng.

Author: Chloe Happ

I left Singapore for the US of A in 2013 and now live in Las Vegas with my indie game dev husband and our son Gummi Gumdrop. I am also probably much older than you think I am.

5 thoughts on “Fat-shionista #444

  1. Yah! I always love seeing this dress – so pretty. New poses are cute 😀 I wish I was going on holiday with you guys too 😦

  2. Check out our website for new shirts! You won’t be disappointed.

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