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Do you like today’s tights? They are sooooo super comfortable and I can’t wait to pair it up with a ton of other outfits! I just received them in the mail last week from the kind people at WE LOVE COLORS and I now have a total of 3 pairs from 3 different ranges. (See last Friday’s outfit post.) This pair is from their Plus Sized Black Striped range and I love them because a) there’s a very strong gusset b) they have an extra panel where the belly is so it’ll stretch well over round ones like mine c) they’re the exact colour I’ve been looking for. At USD12, these tights are worth every penny.

I wear leggings/tights/stockings a lot and I’ve probably worn my first pair of WE LOVE COLORS tights to death – except that it’s still in very good condition and waaaaaay off from dying. Most people handwash their delicates and hosiery but I’m too lazy to do so. I use laundry nets and bag them before they all get dumped into the washing machine. I don’t even separate the colours from the whites – I know I should and some day I will… eventually. Maybe. T caught me doing laundry once and was quite shocked that I don’t bother keeping the whites separate. I’m lucky in that I buy good stuff that don’t run.

Anyway, the point is, these WE LOVE COLORS tights seem to be colour-fast and I haven’t had any problems with them. They’re hardy yet soft. Opaque and stretchy. Just to prove another point, Sian Eng was touching and tugging at my tights after she took today’s photos – that’s how impressed she was!

On another note… 10 more days till I get to see T! I’m so excited! w00t!

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Custom made copy dress (fabric from SPOTLIGHT Garden collection)

Accessories: Pink frosted cookie brooch from TwinkieChan on

Leggings: Neon Pink/Black Striped tights from WE LOVE COLORS

Footwear: Mustard Yellow Mary Janes from




Author: Chloe Happ

I left Singapore for the US of A in 2013 and now live in Las Vegas with my indie game dev husband and our son Gummi Gumdrop. I am also probably much older than you think I am.

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