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My Stuff: Statement Necklaces


There was a period of time when I would be very cautious about buying necklaces because I have a very stubby and chunky neck. Many necklaces would look like they’d be lost under my double chins or I’d not even be able to clasp it around my neck (chain extenders are awesome). These days, I wear crazy statement necklaces that look like bibs or have large pendants just to even it out. I think a simple accessory like a necklace or bangle really changes the look of an outfit. It makes it look like you didn’t just throw on an outfit but instead made the effort to pull together a look when really, it’s just one more thing you put on.

So anyway, I think I found a way to get around my own issues with necklaces and I’m glad I don’t have to shy away from them anymore. It’s just like how if you have cankles or chunky legs, you shouldn’t wear kitten heels – firstly, the tiny stem wouldn’t support my weight, secondly, it’ll make my calves look even chunkier!

In this post, I just wanted to share some of the pieces I currently own…

IMG_5625 IMG_5630

When I lived in Singapore, my favourite place to buy accessories and frivolous trinkets was Far East Plaza (it still is). Since I’ve moved to the US, I rely more on eBay because I hardly go out. I guess Forever21 would be a close 2nd!

What are some of your favourite accessories and where do you get them from? Please share some tips!

Author: Chloe Happ

I left Singapore for the US of A in 2013 and now live in Las Vegas with my indie game dev husband and our son Gummi Gumdrop. I am also probably much older than you think I am.

4 thoughts on “My Stuff: Statement Necklaces

  1. These are gorgeous. I have a bunch of statement necklaces too and I think they really make an outfit. I often find great ones at Dorothy Perkins.

  2. Adorable!!! I LOOOVE THEM!!!

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