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Fatshion, Food & Frivolities – Life in Las Vegas & Singapore

About Me

Have you ever had the pleasure of rolling on grass in English Summer?

Have you ever had the pleasure of rolling on grass in English Summer?

The importance of frivolity is oft overlooked. While simplicity is much preferred, it is seldom an option. This is a motley collection of largely mindless activities, inane chatter and whimsical rants. Proceed with caution, digest with discretion. My irreverance is highly underrated and I hope I am older than you think I look. Watch me try to live my life frivolously in wasted fashion…

Among the many names I legally have and commonly acknowledge, you can call me Chloe. I’m in my late 30s and left my wonderful life in Singapore for my husband. I married T, a multi-talented indie game developer in a frivolous wedding ceremony officiated by Darth Vader (with 2 Storm Troopers in attendance) and we currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I love clothes, shoes, books, music and food, but I’m vegetarian and do not eat anything with a face (eggs, milk, cheese, scallops, clams are all game).

I spent 5 years teaching English and Literature in various public schools. Then for 7 years, I was the producer of the longest running Alternative music festival in Singapore.

This blog is all shiny, happy and mostly frivolous (see the repetitive theme?) because… I can. People are multi-faceted and through this blog, I enjoy being a caricature of myself.

Most importantly, here’s my Amazon Wishlist (Thanks in advance! HAHA!)

*Contact me at cheekymollys [at] gmail [dot] com or follow me on

32 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello. I love your cheery outfit posts. They are so fun to watch and brighten up my day! I’ll like to find out where you got the tights from? You keep referring to mysistershop or mysistercollection etc. Is it really your sister’s shop literally speaking?


  2. Hey! Just wanted to asked about your ebay name..

  3. Love the post!

  4. you are so beautiful and pretty!best wishes from Turkey

  5. hehe i’m really kpo here but does masada have any japn ethnic inside?

  6. Loving your outfits! Makes me wanna have fun with my dressing too!

    • Hi Stella

      Thanks! It is fun! Most girls forget about putting things together and just wear the outfit as it is. It’s easy to give it your own spin and each time you wear it, it’ll be like a whole new outfit!

  7. Honeybun, I can`t find your twitterhandle? Your blog looks amazing btw, so so so fab. Love it and adore you.

  8. Hi dear,

    Firstly let me introduce myself. I am Dian Farhana and I am a new Plus Size fashion blogger in Singapore. I would like to ask if you would be interested to collaborate as a guest blogger on my blog,

    Maybe you can share a tip or two on Plus Size styling, beauty or lifestyle? I would love to have you as a guest blogger and I’m trying to ask more Plus Size guest bloggers to share as well. I believe the Plus Size community needs a voice and I hope we can be the voice for them.

    Let me know if you are keen on the invitation. I wish you all the success in advocating Plus Size empowerment, hope to work with you one day. Thank you for reading my humble message(:

    With love,
    Dian Farhana

  9. I love your style and confidence!

  10. Hi Chloe, I’m Jaclyn, director nail stylist & GM from Luxe Women ( I’ve see your nails review & got the thing just for your nails! We love your preference in fashion & lifestyle so we are interested to work with you on a review/sponsorship.
    Please contact me at or 96155970 for a discussion.

  11. Hi babe,

    This is Wen Qi here & coming end jan 2013 I will be launching an online boutique catered to ladies of size 12 – 14. I like your style & am interested to collaborate with you – advertorial / review / sponsorship.

    Please contact me if you are happy to discuss further. 🙂

    Personal mobile contact: Kindly provide me your email & I’ll revert back to you. 🙂

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Wen Qi

  12. Hi Chloe, I just stumble upon your blog when I was searching for a plus size fashion through google.
    I fell in love with soho mode’s dresses that you were wearing and decided to browse your blog further.
    I was paying so much attention to the fashion you displayed and miss noticing your face. After browsing though almost all of your old post, I just realize that I once work with you 3 years back when I was managing an Indonesian band The Brandals.
    Well, I am very excited now…I hope I could go to you for some fashion advice…and where to buy fatshion locally…hahahaha…
    Well thank you or introducing me to soho mode, but now its driving me crazy because they are so lovely I want to purchase everything I see on their website, yet I could not afford them as they cost so much…hahahaha
    Thank you anyway…really hope to see you around…

  13. I have nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award because I really enjoy visiting your blog:

  14. thank u! plus size dressing in sg is not exactly fun. u r an inspiration!

  15. Hi Chloe, just happen to pop up on ads which you were in it. i just want to say, you are gorgeous, agree with others, you are inspiration. 🙂

  16. Hi babe! I’m new to ur blog. Saw u on YouTube advertisement. Do u have a YouTube channel of ur own? Nice knowing u! Lol! Hope to be friends with u. Btw does amazon shipping international to sg?

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