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12 Days of Christmas Swop

*EDIT – ENDED. Swopping route and details HERE on JuanitaTortilla’s blog


About this swop:

  • Open to all international friends with a blog.
  • Swop partners will be announced on 11.November.
  • Swop packages must contain 12 individually wrapped items, free from culturally offensive, dangerous or illegal material.
  • Total value of package is at least $25 USD, excluding postage.
  • Make a new friend! Get to know your swop partner via blog and email.
  • Mail out swop package by 17.November,Saturday.
  • By December, receive a swop package from your partner!
  • Open 1 item a day!
  • Blog about all the fun you’ve had with this 12-day swop!

Organised by Chloe of WastedFashion and Juanita of JuanitaTortilla.

12 Days of Christmas Swop _Join Us

Love to join us? Here’s how to:

Step 1. Blog about this swop. Grab our swop button from below!
Step 2. Click ‘Add your link’ in the widget below. Remember: enter the blog post’s URL mentioning this swop, and you’re in!
Step 3. Wear the swop badge button proudly on your blog’s sidebar 🙂

Submit your details by 9.November, Friday.


Your hostesses’ links:
Chloe, WastedFashion
Juanita, JuanitaTortilla




7 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Swop

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  5. This may sound super stupid, but how do you put the button on your sidebar?

  6. Nevermind, I think I figured it out okay !! Excited about this !!

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