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BFF Challenge: End of Week 1

As I write this post, I’m on my way to yet another workout. It has been a week since we started the BFF (Berry Fruity Fat-loss) Challenge . I don’t know if it works just yet, but I am feeling good so far!

Coupled with the GLOW raspberry ketones pills, we have had the luxury of almost round-the-clock nutrition advice (via Whatsapp) and the guidance of a personal trainer, Sederick, every other day. I’ve locked down my dates early on and made it to all the scheduled workouts. Sometimes thwarted by the weather (but I get my ass there nonetheless).


We have a group chat on Whatsapp and if you know me, my default status there is “Don’t Whatsapp Me”. I can’t keep up and I don’t have that much time to chat when I’m at work or going about my business. It’s amazing how many hundreds of messages the group exchanges in a single day. Lots of encouraging ones, advice on what to eat etc. It is unfortunate I have little time and content to contribute. I do try my best to read what’s going on and there have been some very useful tips for eating and portion control.


I have taken our nutritionist Rachel’s advice and tried to eat well. As you can see from above, I eat a variety of foods and it’s not all bland! I try not to think of my favourite things – cupcakes, fried chicken etc. On top of that, I snack on fruit in the mornings. I think GLOW curbs your appetite but not your greed. So I have my work cut out for me. Hahaha!

Aside to the people who have been sending Christmas food hampers to the office… Damn you and your temptations! Stop it already… BOOO

Until next week… Toodles!

*All opinions reflected in the post are the blogger’s own. The content of this post is not edited by GLOW. GLOW is an all-natural weight loss supplement. The proprietary blend is clinically designed to maximise fat burning. All rights reserved.


BFF Challenge: The Beginning

As I type this, I am on my way to meet a nutritionist and a 10am workout at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. On Friday 2 days ago, I was initiated into a 3-week long communal lifestyle change – not before first discovering that at 1.53m, I’m 74.5kgs with 41.2% body fat. (Though I have no idea what these numbers really mean, they don’t sound too good.)


I think this just came at the right time. I’m one of the initial batch of bloggers doing the GLOW BFF (Berry Fruity Fatloss) Challenge that I hope will help me kickstart 2013 on the right note. We met with Nicole and our trainer Sederick at Niven Road after office hours, then were briefed on what this BFF Challenge is all about, followed by a 45-minute long workout.


All participants (the 4 of us) received 1 month’s supply of GLOW. We popped 2 pills before our workout as it was supposed to energize us. Subsequently, we are told to take 2 pills every morning and on those days where we’ll be doing workouts led by Sederick, we only take it 15-20 minutes before exercising. I like Raspberry and these pills actually smell like the fruit! No bitter aftertaste at all.

GLOW is a natural weight loss product that combines the powerful fat burning effects of Raspberry Ketones with the natural slimming properties of the Wild African Mango. Unlike other raspberry ketone products that are available on the market, GLOW comprises a proprietary blend of fruity ingredients that also includes antioxidants like Resveratrol, Acai and Green Tea Extract.

The honest truth is I’m at this point, not sure about whether this product works even though it’s supposed to have been clinically proven. (Follow my progress in the next few weeks and we will see.)

Off the cuff, I can say that even if it does work, it is not a long term solution but probably a great way to kickstart a healthier lifestyle, giving you that boost you need to snap out of lethargy and feel better about yourself before embarking on something bigger. And at this juncture, a boost is what I really need! So I really appreciate that not only are we given the product to try out but also provided with guidance.

I think it’s cool that I’m on my way to meet a nutritionist (I submitted a questionnaire prior to this and it detailed my dietary habits) and I get to exercise every 2-3 days for the next 3 weeks with a trainer FOR FREE. If left up to me, I’ll just be pounding the treadmill to prepare for the mass runs I signed up for. (Even though my thighs and butt still hurts like mad from Friday’s workout and I’m waddling.)

As always, I am my own benchmark and I don’t take cues from others. The challenge really is me against myself.

I’m looking forward to see if GLOW will help me
– lose the 4kgs I’ve gained in the last month from overeating in Melbourne and not exercising and,
– curb my appetite and cravings for sweets like it says it’s supposed to.

Our last weigh-in is on 29th December 2012, so if I succeed, I hope this puts me in good stead for my New Year’s resolution for 2013!

*All opinions reflected in the post are the blogger’s own. The content of this post is not edited by GLOW. GLOW is an all-natural weight loss supplement. The proprietary blend is clinically designed to maximise fat burning. All rights reserved.