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Rants & Raves: SnappyFit

Who: SnappyFit

What: A fitting room for blogshops in Singapore!

Where: 190 Clemenceau Avenue, #03-16, Singapore Shopping Centre



More than a month ago, Sin Ning from wrote me and asked if I was interested to review their service. I read up about it and was somewhat curious, but didn’t have the time to pursue further (the day job beckons, you see). I finally got down to making an appointment and made a trip to their store to check it out today!

I was plain confused by what SnappyFit is about until a few days ago when Sin Ning reminded me to log in to their website and pick the outfits I want to try (I was like… what? Pick what?).

It took me less than 20 mins to 1) create an account 2) log in 3) pick a bunch of outfits from the various brands they carry 4) key in my appointment date. I received a email confirmation on the outfits that I’ve “reserved” and also the appointment date. What I needed to do was to just make my way there to try on the clothes.

So imagine your frustration at blogshops carrying different sizing and cuts – what a waste of money when they arrive and they look like crap on you. This is where SnappyFit comes in. You pick whatever you want from their online catalog (they currently carry 9 brands); they’ll get the items delivered to their shop; you go in and try on everything you’ve selected; you like, you buy. TAH DAH!

The service is free – which means you don’t pay anything till you actually pick something you like and purchase it.



This is me in my own clothes. Everything else after that – clothes, accessories, shoes and bags are from SnappyFit!


As a bonus, Sin Ning invited image consultant, Miss Denise Ng from Imago Image to give me pointers and explain what works for me. In just over an hour, I tried on about 5-6 items and I learnt that I’m largely angular (my soft features… TRICKERY! It’s just fat!) – face and body-wise. Also I’m rectangular shaped – almost straight all down from shoulders to hips, no waist at all. My shoulders are slightly wider than my hips so I need weight at the bottom to balance the top. And surprise surprise, I should never do circle-circle round prints or floral, instead opt for more straight lines or combinations (like waves). So Stars and Hearts are okay – YAY! Polka dots… nay!


That’s Denise behind me, showing how a little alteration (just pulling in the baggy shoulders) makes a big difference to an outfit. I actually did like this mustard dress a lot more after she did that. I wish it came in my size!!


This crazy pink dress is awesome! It drapes really well even though it’s slightly too big for me. Other than the colour, I love that it wasn’t some clingy jersey fabric. I wouldn’t have known if I’ve seen it online though. And I definitely didn’t pick this out from their online catalogue. Denise picked it out and got me to change into it. I’m so glad I got the opportunity to try it on though. LOVE IT! That’s why she does what she does! She’s gooooood!


This dress has got to be my favourite! Also another item I wouldn’t have thought of buying if I’d seen it online. And it’s under S$50! MAD! That’s awesome! It’s a little too tight around the shoulders and boobs but it falls so nicely that it hides my flaws (read abdomen and rectangular shaped body), that I forgive it… It’s like a heavy linen (so that’s good for our tropical climate) and it has this crazy asymmetrical parachute hem that’s so funky. Denise pointed out that it’s very flattering specifically for me because it’s fitting where it should be (shoulders to just under the bust) and flares out to give balance (and the illusion of some shape). Best of all – IT HAS POCKETS!!! OH MY GOD! Come to think of it, I wish they had it in my size so that I could’ve taken up Sin Ning’s offer to gift it to me.

I reckon it’d be useful for those who have a love-hate relationship with online shops and crowded malls. With the added option of an image consultant, this would be great for busy people who have no clue what to wear or where to go to get clothes that fit. The clothes I saw today were all really affordable and at a great price point for the different styles. Whether you’re a plus sized busy executive, a clueless first jobber, a mid-career switcher or just someone constantly looking to add more to their wardrobe (Are we kidding here? Aren’t we all?) – SnappyFit’s a great idea! It’s free, it’s convenient and it saves you the heartache of a pile of unwearables!

Get a 15% off any items from their website plus a complimentary Express Manicure from Pretty 360 – the nail salon located in the same building (Singapore Shopping Centre).

Just mention “wastedfashion” in order to get these privileges when you are paying!



(ppsst this is a scheduled post for when you miss me whilst I’m on holiday)

I was contacted to model plus-sized clothes for this blogshop. When I went, I had no clue which company this was for. I said yes for the fun of it. I’m always game for a challenge or in this case… a fun experience. Would I do it again? IN A HEARTBEAT! I love clothes and I love accessorizing. I had a field day with their accessories and shoes!

So anyway, I have since found out that the URL is and whilst they didn’t ask me to do it, I’m recommending my favourite pieces! It was so hard trying to narrow it down to the 5 MUST-HAVES!!

1. Boston Rosette Dress

Boston Rosette Dress - STELLAROBE

Boston Rosette Dress - STELLAROBE

Stretchy black fabric. Didn’t cling to my fat rolls and I love how comfy it was against my skin. Great for dressing up for a night out. I suppose you could throw on a blazer and make it a power suit in your own way. Fantastic for those days you have to transition from day to night.

2. Pansy Maxi Dress

Pansy Maxi Dress

Pansy Maxi Dress - STELLAROBE

This dress is made of something similar to lycra. It’s weighted, stretchy and falls in a way it hides your flaws. Very breathe-able. Love the burgundy paisley print! I can see myself wearing this to work, on date or just hanging out with the girls. If up to me, I’d wear this with a brooch! Make it a GOLD one!

3. Easy Polka Dot Shirt

Easy Polka Dot Shirt

Easy Polka Dot Shirt - STELLAROBE

I wanted to wear this as a short dress because it was so cute. But alas! I am not as short as I thought I was. I had to put some trousers on. Okay, leggings. Also, the sleeves can go up or down! Here I wore it rolled up! This would be perfect for a lazy Sunday. Fuss free outfit. Minimal accessorizing needed!

4. Milia Military Detailed Dress

Milia Military Detailed Dress - STELLAROBE

Milia Military Detailed Dress - STELLAROBE

I am partial to this dress because it looks so cute on and off! It’s made of very lightweight jersey fabric. I can’t attest to the quality of the fabric used but I can say that if you get 3-4 wear out of it, it’s already worth your trouble. Great for a first date! Too cute too cute!

5. Natalie Rosette Tank Top

Natalie Rosette Tank Top - STELLAROBE

Natalie Rosette Tank Top - STELLAROBE

Such a great top! I’d buy this in multiple colours if they had them! Soft jersey fabric and super cute rosette details at the neckline. Armholes are big enough not to cut in (you know what I mean). Fantastic on its own or under a cardigan.

(This is not a paid advertorial. I didn’t get to keep any of the clothes but I got paid for modeling the them. That’s about it.)

I definitely took more photos and photographed in more clothes. I’m not sure when they will be updating their site again but keep watch! There are some other things I really like that aren’t uploaded yet. Perhaps I’d share again. Also, if you’re interested in the accessories and shoes that I wore in the pictures, check out their straight-sized sister site They ship internationally too! Wheeee!!!

The thing with blogshops though, the quality leaves much to be desired but it’s so bloody affordable and these aren’t exactly the kinda clothes you’d wear all the time. It’s trendy, it’s current and you should just jump onto the bandwagon to make it your own. Dump or pass them on after 3-4 wears and don’t feel the pinch! I should know… I have an ever-exploding wardrobe and I’m always selling or giving away my stuff.


Fat-shionista #133

You'll Make Me Blush Rose Necklace from Eclectic Eccentricity

You'll Make Me Blush Rose Necklace from Eclectic Eccentricity

Full-length... Paint daubs and houndstooth

Full-length... Paint daubs and houndstooth

And the back! Exposed zipper!

And the back! Exposed zipper!

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Cute Colourful Paint Daubs Dress from

Leggings: Black & grey houndstooth leggings from WAREHOUSE

Necklace: You’ll Make Me Blush Rose Necklace from Eclectic Eccentricity

Footwear: Alice maryjanes from CROCS

You shouldn’t put clashing patterns together. You shouldn’t wear bright colours or gaudy prints if you’re fat. You shouldn’t this, you shouldn’t that. Yah… whatever. I did and I’m having fun. You should too! What a lovely dress from PlusPink!

Close-up of the patterns

Close-up of the patterns

Clash of the Patterns

Clash of the Patterns

Pattern Clash Tuesday

Pattern Clash Tuesday


Plus Sized Shopping in Singapore

My issue with shopping in Singapore is that everything above a UK12 is overpriced, dowdy or unwearable. It’s almost impossible to walk into a random shop at a mall here, try on some clothes on a lark and walk out. When you find an item that fits, you grab it for fear that some other fat girl picks it up because retailers only bring in that “many” pieces in a big size. It’s a small market for big girls, how ironic.

I break most of the “rules” for dressing a big girl. I wear loud colours, frills, lace and avoid body skimming clothes. Seriously, if you’re fat, there’s no such thing as a slimming colour. Don’t cage me in black everyday either. The main reason I can find interesting things to wear is because I buy most of my clothes 2nd hand on eBay, online when there’s a sale, or through my mates who live overseas.

My friend R who helps me shop during sales in London has accumulated enough variety to start a FACEBOOK Shop. Check out Big Girls, Don’t Cry (!/pages/Big-Girls-Dont-Cry/110728498968437) The only difference between this and a regular blogshop is that you’ll find brands like H&M, Evans, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, Marks & Spencer etc at a low low price. The thing is, R comes back to Singapore a few times a year, so I have to wait for the items to make its way to me.

I recently discovered these 2 Singapore-based Plus Sized blogshops.

I haven’t yet bought anything from them and cannot vouch for their quality. Makes me wonder though. Most straight-sized blogshops have trendy clothes bulk-purchased in Bangkok or manufactured in China, that are not well-made. What is your experience?