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Fat-shionista #489

Bought 7 of the 25 gifts I’m supposed to get and I’ve started counting down to my holiday! In less than 45 days, I’ll be back in Las Vegas. Then T and I will be travelling over several weekends (because he still has to work) to visit friends and family in California, Arizona and New York. YIPPIEE!

Talking about New York, did you hear that LeBunny Bleu is now in Singapore? We don’t have to make the trek to their NYC headquarters anymore! There is a LeBunny Bleu shop at Bugis+ (the mall formerly known as Illuma) and is located at the bridge connecting Bugis+ to Parco Bugis Junction. I love LeBunny Bleu for their quirky spins on classics like flats, canvas slip-ons, loafers and oxfords. And because they are mostly sensible shoes instead of ridiculously high heels, they’re exactly in line with my desire for comfort and style. Also, how can you resist their adorable bunny logo? It’s on everything! You also get to sit on bunny chairs while trying out shoes in the store! Prices in Singapore are comparable to their US-based online store, ranging from SGD60 – 95. The benefit is that you get to touch and feel the shoes in person, as well as save on shipping charges!


The Ariel Ballet Flats I’m wearing today are retailing for SGD61 but ask for the wastedfashion discount and pay only SGD54.90!


What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Grey Midi Dress with long sleeves from ASOS

Accessories: Blue cord Chinese knot necklace from FONDA (at Far East Plaza); Blue hairbow (from a swop meet); Black calculator watch from CASIO

Footwear: Mint (and orange) Ariel Ballet Flats from Le Bunny Bleu (at Bugis+, #02-54)


ABOUT LeBunny Bleu

With its headquarters in New York and more than 100 stores all over the world, including NY, London, Tokyo, Taipei, HK and Seoul, LeBunny Bleu merges romantic, vintage style with modern practicality in its women’s shoes. It’s expanded rapidly since its establishment in 2009, and recently opened its first Singapore store at Bugis+.

Well-travelled Singaporean may also recognize them from Korea where they have a huge following and as such have their biggest presence. Worn by such stars as Yu-Na Kim (Olympic Ice Skater extraordinaire), the Wonder Girls (I want no-body, no-body but you, ooh ooh!) and K-Pop star Kim Huyana (from 4 Minute) recently on the cover of Vogue Girl; Le Bunny Bleu’s practical-but-ever-so-cute take on flat shoes are set to become your favourite wardrobe staple.

For wastedfashion readers only: Get a pair of LeBunny Bleu rabbit logo earrings in your choice of colour for free! Just go to the store, say you’re a wastedfashion reader and show on your mobile device that you have LIKEd the Singapore LeBunny Bleu facebook page to get one. (Regular customers need to make purchases to get one.)

On top of that, wastedfashion readers get 10% off their first pair and 20% off their third pair of shoes! (Usually applicable for 3rd and 5th pairs only).

So don’t forget to ask for the wastedfashion discount when paying!




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Couponing: $9.90 foot reflexology instead of $20 at Miao Health Enhancement Centre

Date: 13 July 2012

Deal: Bugis Foot Reflex: 30 Mins Session ONLY $9.90 instead of $20!

How it went:

Found the shop very easily. (Miao Health Enhancement Centre, Burlington Square, 175 Bencoolen Street, #01-35) Convenient location for me. I’ve got direct buses from my home and it’s not far from my work place. (I bought 3 of these coupons and I’m sure I’ll be using them up quite quickly.)

This is a tiny shop slightly bigger than my bedroom. There are 4 armchairs, 2 beds, 1 electronic massage chair, and 1 back massage chair (those you have to sit up facing down). Very simply furnished and no frills.

When I arrived, it was rather quiet and I was the only customer there so that was great! I sat down on a big, comfy armchair and got my feet wiped with a hot towel (very nice) before having my leg and foot slathered with body lotion. I don’t really like foot reflexology because of the mixed feeling of pain/tickle.

The masseur was a middle-aged Chinese man who was friendly and polite. I was too busy distracting myself from the pain to talk to him (read: playing with the phone) and he left me alone so that was cool. He did look up and explain to me what he was doing once in a while especially when I winced.

Overall a good experience – none too traumatizing. I think I felt better almost immediately! I was walking awkwardly for the last 2 days and my knees actually hurt.

Effective! I would’ve paid the full price of $20. Recommended! Cheap and good!




Couponing: PTF Painless Permanent Hair Removal at uBeau

Date: 10 August 2011

Deal: 84% OFF, $25 for PTF Painless Permanent Hair Removal for Upper Lip Or Underarm Or Bikini Line worth up to $160 @ uBeau (2 mins from Bugis MRT)

How it went:

Booking an appointment was easy and it was at a convenient location between my gym and office. I ran off one day during lunch hour and got back to the office within 45mins!  This is my 2nd time doing PTF (Photo Therapy Flash, a new generation IPL technology) and for comparison purposes, I also chose to do it at my bikini line.

After climbing a flight of stairs to the 2nd level, I had to remove my shoes before entering the salon. It was small but clean and well laid out. There was a mani-pedi section on the right, then in the middle the reception, and to the left a few small rooms for other treatments (facials, hair removal etc). I was in and out of the treatment room within 10 minutes. It was really quick! Zap, zap and done!

I was very happy with my VPL (Variable Pulse Light) treatment for underarms but more than 2 years back, I spent over $1000 for 6 sessions. So this time, when I was offered a package for 10 sessions at $280, I took it. Also, I could use the 10 sessions for whatever area I wanted to use it on – upper lip, bikini line or underarms (for maintenance purpose). Quite flexible. Liz was fuss free, no nonsense and almost a little curt. It was good for me because I didn’t want too much small talk. She didn’t try too hard to push. It was more like “I’ve got an offer. This is a good deal. Do you want it? Yes? No? Ok.” and I appreciated that it was chopchop quick!

Was it worth $160? I don’t think so. I’m not sure if it works yet or if her machine is strong enough, or if that 1 – 2 zaps were effective. It seemed like this $25 version was a fast-job and possibly just a fraction of what a $160 session would be like. Seeing as I bought a small 10 session package at $280, I suppose you can say I approve of uBeau.