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Guest Post: OUT OF THE CAKE BOX (Singapore)


Remember Dana for the NYAW series? When we visited her at her flat last year, she surprised us by baking a cake in the image of Chloe and by also serving us so many yummy treats. At that point, she was just still completing her baking school and was on the verge of opening her own home bakery business. We knew just from the treats we sampled and the pictures of the amazing bespoke cakes that she showed us that it will be a runaway success.


Fast forward to a year later and Dana has opened a brick and mortar cake shop! We were delighted to hear the wonderful news! We were invited to the soft-opening so JM and I went to check out what’s on offer. The shop’s located in the mature housing estate of Telok Blangah. It might sound obscure but it’s not. There’s an MRT station right at their doorstep and there are many buses that will take you straight into the city within minutes.



The cake shop has a simple layout and basic interior design so you won’t find any hipster cafe pretensions here which is refreshing. The most striking thing about the interior is the beautiful 70-s mosaic floor tiles which Dana fought tooth & nail to keep. Anyway, the decor is the last thing one would notice because the star of this shop is the food – cakes and pastries!

Our Favourites


Chendol Fudge Cake 

Gula melaka infused sponge cake layers with coconut gula melaka fudge and classic chendol toppings. We exclaimed in excitement when we first saw a photo of this on their FB page! Chendol in a cake! Perfect! We really enjoyed this because you get the flavours of chendol and the bits of attap chee and red bean. While one would expect a cake based on chendol to be cloyingly sweet, it wasn’t.


Chicago Cheesecake 

Creamy and fluffy texture with subtle hints of citrus. This is really amazing. We’ve always found most American cheesecakes too dense and filling and the Japanese cheesecakes are too light and airy. Out of the Cakebox’s cheesecake is out of this world because they managed to get the right balance between the both. Highly recommended.


Gnome Domes 

This was created by Dana’s pastry chef who they affectionately call the Pastry Gnome. It’s choux pastry with creme pattiserie. We don’t know how to describe except that it’s damn shiok. Really well made choux pastry with delightful cream with local flavours like Horlicks!


Savoury Muffins 

I prefer savoury to sweet things so I was so happy to see this in the shop. Roast chicken, olives, petit pois, homemade pesto cream cheese frosting! Some people might be turned off by the idea of a savoury muffin but you just have to take that leap of faith and try it. Think Out of the Cakebox! You’d be surprised.

Tart au Citron 

It’s like biting into a super lemon tart. The tartness of the citrus hits you and then you taste the sweetness.

Milionaire’s Tart

Rich buttery short crust base topped off with sea-salt caramel and slow baked chocolate custard.

This is probably named Millionaire’s Tart because it’s so wonderfully rich

Everything we tasted at Out of the Cakebox was delicious and the staff were so friendly. We wish Dana and her partner, all the best and hope that their venture will continue to grow! They’ve worked so hard for this and we’re glad that Dana worked towards realising this cakery. She’s definitely not your average woman.

Do support Out of the Cakebox.

They are located at Blk 45 Telok Blangah Drive #01-173, Singapore 100045.

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Written by Percy K.


Not Your Average Woman: Dana Yong


As I continue to introduce you to real women who embrace themselves wholly, I’d like you to meet another fashionable plus-sized babe – say Hello to Dana Yong, ex-school teacher, baking student, former plus sized model, beauty pageant finalist and fashionista.

On the day we visited Dana at the flat she shares with her husband Danny and her cats, she baked us so many treats including one that looks like me! Can you tell which dress it’s inspired by? Heehee….


Dana used to teach English and Physics in a secondary school for 3 years before caving in to her passion for baking. She’s now halfway through her Diploma in Bakery Arts and Science. Check out her blog at and her newly launched home bakery page

Other than baking, she counts gardening and shopping online, her top 3 favourite things to do! Read on to learn more about her fashion philosophy:

  • What is your dress/shoe size? My dress size is UK18-20. Shoe size is UK8.
  • Describe Your Style I can’t put my finger on a specific style but I have a weakness for pretty dresses, especially vintage 50s styles. Bright colours, florals and interesting prints are the mainstay in my wardrobe. There was a period in my life I dubbed the Dark Ages, when black felt like the only, and safest, thing to wear, but I am so over that now. My mantra is to have fun and if it feels good, work it.
  • What do you normally wear to work or a work event/meeting? Now that my workplace is the kitchen, I am most often found in my chef whites. When I need to meet a client in a more formal setting, I can usually get away with wearing a smart dress in a fun print or bright colour and a pair of colourful kitten heels or ballet pumps. I don’t wear a lot of accessories like jewelry or watches, due the hassle of removing them when I have to be in the kitchen, but I’m partial to colourful shoes.
  • Where and how do you shop? I hardly ever hit town so most of my shopping is done online. If you possess a sewing machine and basic alteration skills (or know an obliging tailor), there is nothing scary about shopping online.
  • What are your favourite things to buy? Belts! Either very skinny or very wide, in every colour, finish or print. They add interest (and a waist).
  • What are your favourite brands or shops? I love to trawl eBay for vintage or retro finds. ASOS is great; shipping is free, plus I can shop from both the main range and the Curve range for sizes 20-26. For my wider-than-average feet and hips, I love Torrid for their generously-cut footwear and shorts. There’s also Orange Bear, the Taiwanese version of ASOS for plus size fashion, where I can get cute, casual outfits for a song.
  • How do you dress on your blah-days? Ok, I’m guilty. Flip flops. They are terrible, I know, but so comfy, especially after 8 straight hours on my feet in the kitchen.
  • When you were 12, what did you imagine your life would be like at your current age? At 12, 30 was so far from my mind! I graduated primary school with a bunch of really smart kids (Like, what on earth am I doing here with you guys?). While my peers were talking about going on to ‘atas’ schools like RI and RGS, I dreamt of marrying Willy Wonka. We’d live happily ever after in his chocolate factory and make amazing confections all day.






I am very inspired by Dana for her conviction to her craft – baking. Few Singaporean women would give up a commonly thought of as stable and respectable career with a steady income to pursue their passion, retrain and then take the risk to start their own business. For that, she’s not your average woman.