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Fat-shionista #527

IMG_5426This post features a bag I love but don’t have many occasions to carry because it’s too small for my regular wallet. And doesn’t go with most of my things. I usually carry it when nothing matches and I just want to clash all kinds of colours or prints in one outfit. BUT more importantly this outfit features my spanking brand new SUPERGA sneakers that I bought for the princely *snigger* sum of USD8.99!! ROSS did it again! I checked and they usually retail for USD50 upwards! Big pats on my back!!

What I’m wearing today:

Top: Black OPPOSITION PARTY band t-shirt

Bottom: Red KEITH HARING mini skirt from FOREVER21

Accessories: Pepperoni Pizza Brooch from TWINKIE CHAN on; Set of 7 black & bronze bangles from NEW LOOK

Bag: Green polka dotted GARDEN PARTY kiss-clasp purse from DEJA VU VINTAGE

Footwear: Turquoise classic sneakers from SUPERGA

IMG_5427I just wanted to put it out there for posterity that the other day when I was putting hearts on all the lovely things I liked (but not buying) on ModCloth, my husband gave me a hug and said with a sad face “It’s okay honey, soon we’ll have money for you to buy all the things you want”. How sweet is that? Honestly, even if we had a $500,000 bank balance, I don’t think I’ll be spending $300 on shoes. It’s fun looking at nice things though…


Fat-shionista #126

Hello I’m back and I hope to post (almost) daily! Been a little slack with documenting what I’m wearing and where I’ve been, but I hope to make it to the 1 year mark. Raaawwwwrrr!

Taken at Cathay Photo Apple Store in Peninsula Plaza. Thanks Minghao!

Taken at Cathay Photo Apple Store in Peninsula Plaza. Thanks Minghao!

What I’m wearing:

Dress: Pink polka-dotted 50s style empire line dress from p1xie on

Footwear: Frankenstein vs Dracula Mary Janes from Em&Sprout on

Bag: Green polka-dotted purse with birds having a tea party from Deja Vu Vintage

Laptop bag: Black and white polka-dotted hand carry laptop case from Fabrix

Lots of crazy things happened in the last few weeks. At work, I moved and now have a bigger workstation – bigger probably by 1/3? And I worked more than 10 days consecutively because of an exciting festival. At home, the domestic helper who has been taking care of my Gran went nuts and called the Police on us. She tried getting my Mum arrested with accusations of physical abuse, starvation and non-payment of wages – all untrue. We’re not exactly sure what happened or why she did it but she’s now back in Surabaya as she wanted. My Canon S90 was sent in for repairs and that’s partly why I haven’t posted any pictures or blogged. Then my MacBook’s harddisk went berserk and I had to send it for repairs. Rescued part of my data but 20, 000 songs disappeared and I have to re-rip my CDs again. If you’re in Singapore and you have Mac issues, try Cathay Photo at Peninsula Plaza. Koh Minghao is your go-to guy. Great after sales service even if the prices are not much different.