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Blueberry Hill, Las Vegas


T took me to Blueberry Hill on E. Flamingo Road during our “mini-moon”. His company kindly gave him 3 extra days off after our wedding and because I’m going to be residing here for good, we thought it’d be the best time for me to “catch up” and learn as much of the city as possible. In those 3 days, we did many things, including visiting a sex museum (but that’s going to be saved for another post yet) and ate some yummy food not cooked by me. YAY!

There are several Blueberry Hill Family Restaurants in Las Vegas but on 29 October, we had brunch at the 24-hr one along E. Flamingo Road. This is a family-run chain of restaurants and have been in Las Vegas since 1987. To be honest, the restaurant while big, clean and friendly, also looked like they haven’t been updated for a looooong time. Maybe 1987?


Our server, Havi, was a Hispanic lady who was on the ball and thorough. She made recommendations on top of what we ordered and informed us of special combos. Unfortunately, the extras were all meat-based. They sounded so yummy and I would’ve been one of those “Super Size Me” types to have said yes to everything. Fortunately though, there were many sweet and savory options for both T and I. He had blueberry pancakes with a side of hashbrowns (which he drizzled syrup over). I had a humongous 4-egg cheese and mushroom omelette with chunky home fries. We both ended up having to doggie bag our food and the leftovers were good for a meal for EACH OF US!

20131118-183814.jpgAs I’ve mentioned many times over… I love exploring American diners! Each and every one with its own character – yet, something familiar can be find in all their menus. T said the Blueberry Hill menu is close to the kind he’s familiar with in New Jersey. I just want to eat everything!

We spent a total of $29.56 including taxes and I thought that was rather reasonable because we essentially brought home another 2 meals with us in boxes.

Would I recommend it? YES! And I would love to go back again soon!


1505 E. Flamingo Road

Las Vegas, NV 89119

(702) 696-9666

24 hours


Outpost Cafe in Oak Hills, California


Last Saturday while driving through the Mojave desert from Las Vegas to Carlsbad, California, we chanced upon the OUTPOST CAFE and made a pitstop for lunch. We had earlier seen a sign for Franky’s Diner in Victorville but were disappointed to see it all boarded up. I love our roadtrip adventures and eating is such a life’s pleasure. These truckers or roadside diners are as much the highlight of the trip for me, as it is seeing Max the Maximum Dog (who is now ready to come home).


T and I have previously been to 2 other diners (both in Yermo) and I wrote about them too. Peggy Sue’s and Penny’s Diner were 50s style diners and were basically situated just across the road from each other. We drove quite a while from Las Vegas before we hit the Outpost Cafe and it really didn’t seem like much from the outside. I was so glad we stopped because I was virtually famished and this is the first cowboy-themed diner that we visited. T loved the wagon wheel chandelier and the iron cast finish on the counter seats, while I just wandered around taking pictures of the decor in the entire place. The toilets were spacious and clean. There were many different types of seating – including outdoors, and there was a good selection of food (even for us vegetarians).


T and I spent under USD35 (including a 20% cash tip) for my breakfast burrito, his Karma veggie burger and fries, our 2 refillable Cokes and a shared slice of Red Velvet Cake. That was not bad in my books. While T thought the patty in his burger and the cakes were “store bought”, I thought the redeeming factor was the small-town feel and their decor! I would definitely love to be back to see what other veggie-friendly options they have.

Ambience 4/5

Food 3.5/5



8685 US Highway 395

Oak Hills, California 92344

Phone: (760) 949 0808

Facebook Page:

Twitter: @OutpostCafe