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Update from London #4

I finally got round to hitting the sales and visiting the shops. So far I haven’t bought anything over £15 and I am pleased with that. I didn’t go to Primark because my VERY ETHICAL friend (who shall remain nameless) doesn’t allow me to partake in supporting sweat shops… *sigh* Also I failed to find anything in the charity shops I visited. I spent a lot of time eating though. Pub lunches are great. So are cupcakes… Yummy cupcakes!!!!


Update from London #2

I have checked out of the hotel at Earl’s Court. Time alone has been good. Staying with friends also good. It has been windy cold and very wet. I caved in and bought a brolly. A cute frilly polka-dotted one from Dorothy Perkins though! Haven’t done much and I’m happy just doing nothing. Pretty much seen all the must-visit landmarks before anyway. I needed to run far away but I wanted to be at someplace familiar. So London called…