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Couponing: Facial + Lymphatic Face Massage + Shoulder Relax Massage + Eyebrow Trimming at Xin Beauty

Date: 26 August 2011

Deal: 88% OFF on 75mins Facial (3 Choices) + Lymphatic Face Massage + Shoulder Relax Massage + Eyebrow Trimming @$25 ONLY

How it went:

Midpoint Orchard is a really strange building that’s out of place in fancy Orchard Road, especially with the addition of Ion Orchard, 313@Somerset and Orchard Central. It’s a building that’s stuck in the late 70s with minor renovations done probably in the early 90s. There are so many small beauty salons and electronic shops, I really wonder who patronises them. Xin Beauty is one of those neighbourhood shops that basically transported its entire operation there – no upscaling for town, and the size of my living room!

Whilst the location was good, everything was so basic that I’d rather not get a facial in town. My hair was sticking up after the facial and there was no space, nothing to help me get out into public without looking like a doofus. I just needed a hair brush and a hair dryer to sort the mane out. I went to one of the small hair salons and they tried charging me $12 to do just that. I’m not even asking for a wash. Just blow and brush. ARGH! Luckily they had those old fashion hand dryers in the toilets and I bent down, put my head under the hot air stream and brushed my hair out with my fingers. Sometimes old fashioned is good. Forget those fancy air-stream hand dryers where you dip your hands in.

Practical sized room. Just enough for the bed & a tray of products.

Practical sized room. Just enough for the bed & a tray of products.

Ok so anyway, this is a $25 facial in the heart of town but in a dingy building, where the entire shop (reception, pantry, and treatment rooms) was enclosed in a space the size of my living room (I’m not even joking). The deal was that I could choose from 3 facials – Option 1: Skin Perfector Anti-pigmentation Treatment; Option 2: Anti-blemish Skin Renewal Treatment; Option 3: Oxy-Pure Rejuvenating Treatment. I had no idea which treatment I received and it certainly didn’t match any of those fancy-titled options. It was largely one of those old fashioned “Mode Circle” (anybody remember those?) facials that I had in the early 90s. As a pimply teenager, I’d have been okay with it, thinking that facials were all like that. Painful, uncomfortable and awkward. But I’m not. It didn’t feel like it was worth my time. I didn’t feel any better after the treatment. Firstly, the technique was so-so. I wouldn’t say it was bad but I’ve had a lot better, many more times. Secondly, the products used were very generic and hardly anything special. Thirdly, I could hear the girls outside gossiping at the top of their voices because the entire space was open on the top and it is really small.

Generic products

Generic products

So was it worth $288? Nope! Of course not! But to be honest for $25, I suppose it’s justified. Also I might go back again (if I have a ride straight home) because the beautician working on me thought I was still in school. She thought I was a 22 year old with really dry skin. She tsk-tsked me when I said I barely used home care products other than the basic facial wash, make-up remover, exfoliator and sunblock. When she asked me to guess how old she was and it turned out she was only 5 years older than I was heehee… Cheap thrills, I know. But people should stop tsktsking me when I see so many people my age who actually look older!

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Couponing: Nobel Award Winning Facial + 30 min Massage + 30 min Neck and Eyes Treatment at Beaute Hub

Date: 25 August 2011

Deal: $15 for 60 min Nobel Award Winning Facial + 30 min Massage + 30 min Neck and Eyes Treatment at Beaute Hub (Worth $448)

How it went:

Let’s just say, this is an experience I’d rather forget. Even if there was another deal offer at $15, I wouldn’t take it and neither should anyone else, unless you’re desperately in need of a quick facial/massage. It was trouble from the start. I bought the voucher on 31 May 2011. I called up 2 days later (in June obviously) to book an appointment, but I was told to call back in August because they had no more slots. The voucher is valid from 1 June to 30 November 2011. I’m assuming this meant that they didn’t have the capacity to accommodate. Imagine if I were to buy a package, I’d only be able to have a facial every 2-3 months? So anyway, I did call back in August and I managed to get an appointment on a weekday afternoon (alarm bells, hello)…

Firstly, bad location (for me) because you had to walk a distance from the MRT station before you actually get there. Also when leaving, I had a bad time trying to hail a cab. Secondly, the place was a little dinghy and perhaps in my crazy imagination, what a whorehouse would look like inside (please see pictures). Thirdly, they made me leave my shoes outside!!! Along the sidewalk!! Mind you, it’s not within a building. This was a shophouse. Okay, I had to remove my shoes (this I understand for cleanliness) but can’t you put the shoe racks within your shop? Fourthly, I didn’t like the 2 consultants at the reception. One (Malaysian) was ambivalent but tried to get me to upgrade before I even went in ($99 for an ampoule of Jasmine whatever) and the other (PRC) was staring at my trolley bag filled with toiletries then told me not to drag it on its wheels on their floor. Yes, I probably looked like a hobo so I deserve that kind of stare. But… your floor is made of cheap chip-wood. There’s a hollow-echoing sound when you walk on it. And Miss PRC, are you wearing your skanky heels inside the shop if we can’t bring our shoes in? The same shoes I see you wear in and OUT of the shop to buy food from next door?

Beaute Hub - almost missed it because it was partially hidden

Beaute Hub – almost missed it because it was partially hidden

They had about 6 treatment rooms when it looked like they only had space for 4

They had about 6 treatment rooms when it looked like they only had space for 4

I waited for almost 15min in this corner space that was just wide enough for 1 armchair.

I waited for almost 15min in this corner space that was just wide enough for 1 armchair.

Can’t say I enjoyed the treatment either. I don’t know what kind of back massage requires me to lie on my back while you try to shimmy your arms down the grooves between my shoulder and the treatment bed instead of having me lie on my front. I don’t think it’s the therapist’s fault while I was wincing in pain several times – from the extraction to the scraping face massage (was it a rock she was using??) to the weird shoulder and upper body massage. I suppose that’s how they do it at Beaute Hub. If this was their award winning facial… I’d be afraid to try the other treatments. Oh! But I did like what she did on my eyes. She used a very hot/warm eye mask before brushing on the cold/icy face mask. The contrast was interesting and I think the eye mask did make me relax. I probably nodded off during a) the head massage bit b) the eye masking.

Super cramped room. You had to crab-walk sideways to move.

Super cramped room. You had to crab-walk sideways to move.

Saving grace - hair dryer, mirror & hair brushes!!!

Saving grace – hair dryer, mirror & hair brushes!!!

So was it worth $448? Not at all! I guess the $15 I paid would’ve gone to the cost of the hair-straightener (why do they even give out these things?) as well as the nice eye mask that was used on me. Other than that, if I’d known, I’d just say hello can I pay you $15 for the eye treatment and please don’t do the other stuff on me. One saving grace is the mirror and hairdryer! I must say that this cancels out having to put my shoes in the alleyway and risk losing them. My hair goes crazy after a facial because they put it up in a headband. The hairdryer and brush is important for public service (i.e. don’t want to scare people with my Mad Max head).

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Couponing: Brand New Skin Facial at Beauticove

Date: 24 August 2011

Deal: 89% off Negative Energy Cleansing Facial (New in Singapore!) or Pore and Scar Reducing Facial or Tummy/Thigh Slimming at $22 (worth up to $200) FREE Eye Treatment for Facials (Clarke Quay)

How it went:

It actually was quite good! It didn’t start off well because I had a bit of a problem booking the appointment. I called 3 times before I managed to get someone on the phone but after that, I had SMS confirmation and reminders so that was good. My post title says a different thing from the actual deal because I went there with really bad skin that day. It was a terrible weekend before and I had a breakout. My surface skin was dehydrated but underneath it was oily and I had 4 huge zits like a constellation on my face!

Beauticove  at Riverside Point.

Beauticove at Riverside Point.

The treatment room and the terry towel tube I changed into

The treatment room and the terry towel tube I changed into

The other end of the room

The other end of the room

A Eurasian lady named Carole (who appears to be the boss) attended to me. She looked at my face and explained the various offers in this coupon. None of which matched the treatment I urgently needed so she decided to customise a session that was closer to their “Brand New Skin Facial” (usual price $130) but threw in the eye treatment from the coupon as well. The room was nice and spacious. They had about 3 treatment rooms side by side and it all opened up to become one big room for training. There was a projector overhead in my room and Carole reassured me it wasn’t a spy camera. Carole was very motherly, firm but gentle. I fell asleep almost immediately. There was no extraction (YAY! No pain!) and she said it wasn’t something they did at her beauty parlour anyway. She did 2 mild acid peels, followed by the masks and I swear my skin felt almost back to normal after the facial!

The overhead projector in the room

The overhead projector in the room

Beauticove uses Alpha-H products from Australia. I ended up buying the Liquid Gold for $60+. It has been doing wonders and I swear it works! I wasn’t being pushed to buy products or packages and I felt reassured that I could walk out without feeling any pressure. I’d be honest and say that I was skeptical about the Liquid Gold. It was a plain cheap packaging and I was bleagh about it. But after using it for almost a week, I’d buy it again once I’m done with this bottle! If you can get over the smell (like drinking sherry), then you should try it too! My pores are more refined, my t-zone less oily. Though I was told not to use it for an extended period because my skin is quite thin.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid

Alpha-H Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid

So was it worth $200? Not really. I’d maybe pay between $80-$90. Would I go back again? Yes! I might even consider taking the 6-session package for the “Brand New Skin Facial” as I was offered a 30% discount. Clarke Quay MRT station is on the Northeast Line and less than 30mins ride on the train for me to get back home! I definitely am thinking about the offer. Also a boon is that Riverside Point is a strange place because it’s so quiet! I like it!

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Couponing: Signature Radiant Facial with Eye Treatment + Neck Care + IPL at Angel Face

Date: 2 August 2011

Deal: $38 for 90 min Signature Radiant Facial with Eye Treatment + Neck Care + IPL at Angel Face (Worth $432)

How it went:

The Adelphi is actually walking distance from my office, so I sauntered there after work. However, the beauty salon was hidden in a quiet corner in the basement and I had to make a few turns before I realised where it was. It would’ve been a great way to end the work day if it weren’t for the fact that the beautician (Li Yong, I think) was really rough. (Well to be honest, I don’t think she is unskilled but too rushed and rough for my liking because I did really want to relax.)

Tucked in a corner, right next to the National Council of Churches Singapore

Tucked in a far corner, right next to the National Council of Churches Singapore

Why do all these spa places only speak Mandarin to you? I usually respond in English, just in case I use the wrong words or say the wrong things. I hardly speak Mandarin, save for learning it in school. I’m not comfortable with it. I’d rather if you need to speak a Chinese language to me, you speak Cantonese. At least I converse with my Grandmother on a daily basis in Cantonese. Also, I thought it was kinda rude when she looked at my name and asked me “You not Chinese ah? You what? You Malay? You Philipine?”. I smiled and didn’t bother answering her.

Drapey curtains over the ceiling...

Drapey curtains over the ceiling…

The room was rather large and had 2 beds. The decor was a little surreal. It had fake brick walls, these flowing chiffon drapes on the ceiling but also a very quaint antique-looking Chinoiserie basin. I did notice it was really really quiet though. And I could’ve really just fallen asleep if it weren’t for the fact that the therapist kept bumping into the treatment bed or knocking over things. Also, I had no idea what she was saying to me and what the hell she put on my face. The first lotion she put was biting and it stung my entire face. She mentioned something about it softening my blackheads. Then she used something to scrape at my entire face and it hurt like a bitch. I tolerated it because I just wanted to see what their “Signature Radiant Facial” meant. She said RF RF RF several times and I didn’t know what she was talking about – I really thought it was something about radio frequency. Then when I left, I realised RF meant Radiant Facial because she kept insisting that I look in the mirror after the treatment because I looked “radiance”. I saw nothing to be honest, and I was kinda glad because I thought the scraping would’ve left some unsightly red bruises. I didn’t enjoy this facial at all. The therapist wasn’t thorough and she was very rough. After the treatment, I got up and I saw that my neck still had a huge patch of mask. She tried to quickly wipe it off and was really rough again.

The quaint basin... but the curtains hides a huge mess of machines

The quaint basin… but the curtains hides a huge mess of machines

So was it worth $432? NOPE! I don’t know what this facial was all about and I didn’t even relax! (However, if you need to do a multi-pronged programme. Go to Li Yong, she’ll have you in and out within an hour.) After the treatment, as usual, I was told there was a promotion that I had to get that very day. That I should stop buying vouchers and really buy a package at 1 fixed place so that my therapist can work on the condition of my very bad, very dull, very dry complexion. When she asked what skincare products I used and I said “L’oreal”, she ppffft at me and said that I can’t just buy cheap off the counter skincare when I really need intensive treatments. Little does she know, I don’t even use L’Oreal. I buy whatever is cheap that month. BAH! Will I go back again? Nope! Not even if there’s another $38 coupon waiting. Sorry!


Couponing: Cell Enzyme Face Treatment + De-stress Body Massage at Maple World Beauty

Date: 21 July 2011

Deal: $39 Instead of $446, 91% off Cell Enzyme Face Treatment (75 min) + De-Stress Body Massage (45 min) by Maple World Beauty. Available at 2 Locations

How it went:

While the branch I went to was located in central Singapore at Orchard Road, it was not exactly the nice part of Orchard Road. You had to walk past dodgy Orchard Towers, for one. And also the walk from Orchard MRT station made me break out into a little sweat. I guess for a beauty salon that started in Ang Mo Kio, to be able to open a branch downtown is sign that they were actually doing pretty well.

Orchard Hotel

Orchard Hotel

I had no problems with the therapists and the treatments. They were 2 small-sized women who didn’t speak very good English but they had brute strength. I didn’t need them to talk to me anyway. My face actually looked a lot brighter and my pores much smaller after my facial. This wasn’t one of those “See! It looks so much nicer!” and me squinting to see the difference. The entire process took about 2 hours so it was well worth my trek and well worth the money!

Maple World Beauty - treatment room

Maple World Beauty – treatment room

Unfortunately I didn’t like the room they put me in. Mainly it was tiny and freezing. It looked like they had about 6 other different rooms inside another area but I was put outside right next to the reception. So it was a little noisy and there was a group of women who laughed and talked at the top of their voices in Malay whilst I was inside. Relaxing, it was not. Perhaps it’d have been better if you had the treatments inside in privacy instead. Every time the therapist opened the door, anyone seated at the reception can see me lying on the treatment bed.

Was it worth $446? No! But I’d pay up to $70 for this combination of treatments. They also recommended some packages which I’d have taken up if a) I didn’t already sign up with Fresver b) I had tried the treatments inside instead c) I didn’t mind trekking down Orchard Road to get to the MRT station in messy crazy hair (which always happens after facial). They had a promotional offer which cost about $48 per treatment (you had to buy 10 at $480) and I thought that was really decent. If you had the chance, you should get it!

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Couponing: Facial + Foot Care Treatment at Y. S. Beauty Salon

Date: 16 July 2011

Deal: $26 for a Facial + Foot Care Treatment at Y. S. Beauty Salon worth $269

How it went:

This was one of the first coupons I bought and I didn’t check where this beauty salon was located. It took me ages to get from Kovan to Clementi and you still had to cross the road and walk a few blocks as it wasn’t located at Clementi Central itself. This is very honestly a neighbourhood beauty salon and save for 1 person, the other people in it didn’t speak much English. I am assuming they do not only serve the neighbourhood but also ONLY Chinese-speaking customers.

My therapist was a woman called Jess (why do people with English names not speak English?) who tried her earnest best to explain the treatment to me in English. I understood her enough and I didn’t really want to talk when I was trying to relax. The scary machine strikes again and I literally begged her to stop. She was puzzled because it was an expensive treatment. The mist-spraying machine came out and I didn’t like that either, but out of courtesy, I braced myself for it. This woman has strength. Her massages were forceful (not firm, but with force). (Surprisingly, I didn’t bruise this time.) So other than the face and upper body massage, the “foot care treatment” was actually a soak, scrub and leg massage (not unlike your run-of-the-mill foot reflexology or pre-pedicure routine). The room was merely partitioned panels and I could hear people laughing and talking at the top of their voices while I had the mask on and was told to relax. Not exactly spa-like but I guess it’s typical of your suburban neighbourhood outlets.

Another thing not in their favour is trying to charge me TWICE. I handed over my printed voucher before the treatment and after the treatment, they asked me how I was going to pay the $26. I asked them why I needed to pay for anything and it turns out they have been charging OTHER CUSTOMERS $26 despite their having a voucher. I explained that the fact that the voucher was in my hand proved that I had made payment via VoucherWow. I was told that “some customers” haven’t paid for it and that they weren’t sure how this voucher thing worked. ALARM BELLS! Poor aunties who got double-charged.

Was it worth $269? Uhm no. Maybe not even $69 because it was located in a far-out HDB flat downstairs shop. At the same time, while I think their prices are too outrageous, it might be because they are misguided into thinking that it is the “standard” price. I’d pay $200 for a facial if it was located in a convenient place, has a relaxing environment and if it came with all the frills. Sometimes, it’s not just the treatments. You pay for the perception of quality too.

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Couponing: Facial Treatment by Adeva Spa at Paragon

Date: 10 July 2011

Deal: 77% Deal for One Award-Winning Facial Treatment by Adeva Spa at Paragon only $50 instead of $214

How it went:

It was luxurious and worth every single penny (AND MORE!). I had a great time and I fell into such a deep sleep! I went with 3 of my SPArty girls (Big Nat, Small Nat and Linda) and we all loved it!

The SPArty girls

The SPArty girls

The spa was located in a very central place. Decor was so elegant! The interiors were beautiful and spacious, with high ceilings. We took a tour after our facial and it was wow wow wow! The facilities were great and the environment was very appealing because even on a Sunday afternoon, it wasn’t crowded nor noisy. People respected each other’s spaces and it was all very comfortable.

My facial was awesome. I forgot to ask the therapist’s name though. She started the treatment by telling me she was going to “do destress” and before I knew it, she put her hands over my face, I took a deep breath and the lavender essential oils just knocked me out. Everything from the shoulder, face, head and arm massages, to the actual facial (cleansing, extraction, mask etc) was so well executed. She had smooth, strong hands that were masterful and firm. I fought the zzzzz monster from the get go and lost! I wanted to stay awake to see what she was doing to me but I know I started snoring because I woke myself up a few times. Heh.

Was it worth $214? Yes yes yes! No hard-selling, a real spa environment, luxurious designer seats, we had hot ginger tea, water and a detoxifying Hawthorn dessert. The 90-minute session was fantastic! I was almost tempted to buy the offered package but I don’t have money now. My friend Natalie bought it though and I’m envious! The package makes you a member. Members are allowed to use the facilities in the spa and there is free food, drinks and dessert too. I will try to wrangle some $$ the next time and make sure I get at least a small 10-session package. This will be one of those “for special occasions” treats, not my usual monthly maintenance spa sessions. I love this spa! I want to come back again!


Couponing: Award-Winning Facial & Eye Treatment at FIL Skin, Body & Spa Intelligence

Date: 4 July 2011

Deal: Voucher for $30 for an Award-Winning Facial and Relaxing Eye or Neck Treatment at FIL Skin, Body & Spa Intelligence Worth $320

How it went:

I arrived harried and quite disturbed because I couldn’t remember if I had brought my wallet with me and lost it or I simply just left it back home. They asked for my IC so they could register me and when I explained that I don’t have it with me and I might have lost it, they were a bit shocked and told me I couldn’t register without any form of identification. I was prepared to walk out and go home. Seriously, it’s a $30 facial and I might have lost more than that. If you can’t register me, forget it right? So anyway, it was sorted and I proceeded to a consultation room with Lyn.

Overall, a rather upmarket and comfortable environment. I went to the FIL at Dhoby Ghaut, just next to the Plaza Singapura taxi stand. Lyn assessed my face and discussed my needs before offering 3 types of treatments to me. I picked the “whitening” one because it’s supposed to help with uneven skin tone (and I do have some sun spots on the side of my face that I hate). My therapist was Nana and she was really nice. Her technique was good and she applied just the right amount of pressure for everything. The only downside is that she kept speaking to me in Mandarin and because it’s not my first language, I react very slowly.

The room I had my facial in was decent. Compared to Amore and Beyond Beauty, it was a tad tiny but I had enough space to move and it was comfortable. Unlike Amore, I could hear people talking outside as it was one of those folding doors. But other than that I liked it a lot though. The location was great too. You could tell that the products they used were more expensive than compared to d’Light Spa or Fresver. Unfortunately I was too worried about my lost wallet to relax and enjoy the entire treatment.

Was it worth $320? Nope! Only because I asked and Lyn said it usually costs $158. She asked if I wanted to find out about their latest promotion and because I genuinely enjoyed the treatment and could see myself coming back, I said yes. She pulled out a very good offer. At $75 per session, there were about 30 or more different types of face, body and slimming treatments (inclusive the whitening one I had just experienced) to choose from. The only thing was I had to buy 20 sessions at a total of $1500. If I had my wallet with me, I’d have signed up. 20 sessions will last me about 2 years! $75 per treatment at a convenient and comfortable environment. The only thing was, she said if I was interested I had to pay now or at the latest tomorrow, because it was a promotion from last month. Alarm bells rang! It was all good and professional up to that point.  There was no hard-selling sales pitch but, this “only for you”/”must buy now” thing has been happening too often. So I found my wallet at home *phew* but I don’t think I’ll be going back tomorrow to put down any money. I do still have a couple more facial vouchers and if I really can’t find something better, I’ll definitely go back to FIL.

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Couponing: Anti-aging facial at D’Light Spa

Date: 1 July 2011

Deal: $28 for 75 min Hydro-Source Anti-Aging Facial with Sparkling Eye Treatment at D’Light Spa (Worth $196)

How it went:

Booking an appointment was easy and when I had to change my appointment from Wednesday to Friday, it was easy too. I had it in my head that Punggol wasn’t that far from Kovan (where I live now) since it was only a few stops on the North-East Line. Turns out, it was a different world altogether… even if it wasn’t very far away. It was quiet and dark when I left the beauty salon. The nearby blocks of flats were yet to be completed and some were just not occupied yet.

Don't wear your good shoes there because you'll have to leave them out in the open

Don’t wear your good shoes there because you’ll have to leave them out in the open

After exiting Punggol MRT, I had no problems locating the shop. It was a small set-up with 3 rooms and nicely renovated. From what the therapists told me, they had been there for about 3 years. It was nice, clean and very decent. Unfortunately, it was right under the MRT tracks and the trains rumbling kept me from relaxing. My therapist was a girl called Jess. She was quite inexperienced in that she was too gentle and afraid to hurt me. Her technique was ok though. I liked getting my face massaged with lotions. I saw a lot of Decleor and Gatineau products but I doubt that was what they used on me. I didn’t like that I was sharing a room with someone else and I had to inch my way in. Also I could hear the other woman talking to her therapist.

It's quite deserted outside. Too dark & quiet at night. In the day, ok.

It’s quite deserted outside. Too dark & quiet at night. In the day, ok.

I’m not sure if the facial was what the deal was supposed to be. There was no hard-selling, that I liked. Jess asked once if I wanted to add an ampoule for my dry skin even though the description on Groupon said this facial was meant to combat dry skin and fine lines. I said no, and she left it as that. She did have problems removing my eye make-up though. I found that there were dark streaks under my eyes when I looked in the mirror before I left.

I was told about a special package they were offering to customers who came with Groupon vouchers. It came up to slightly less than $300 for 4 facials and some extras. Unfortunately, I’m a cheapskate and I can’t afford anything more than $50 for a session. Also, I’ve been told I’ve got good skin (even if they always tsktsk me when I said I had no skin care routine at home). I don’t care if I have some fine lines – I’m 33! This is part of aging, no? I don’t need expensive treatments nor can I afford it yet. But no hard-selling. They said ok once I said, I’ll think about it but not now.

d'LIGHT spa.... not really a spa

d’LIGHT spa…. not really a spa

Was it worth $196? Nope, maybe about $70? But if I lived in Punggol or Sengkang, I’d definitely consider buying a package there. They were really nice to me and it’d be convenient if I lived in that area.


Couponing: Massage & Facial by Fresver Beauty

Date: 27 June 2011

Deal: $28 instead of $233, 88% off 95-Minute Anti-Stress Back Massage + Spa Refreshing Facial + Relaxing Eye Treatment for Men & Women by Fresver Beauty. Walk Away with a Free Elastic Q10 Eye Mask (Worth $58)

How did it go:

Booking an appointment took a few tries. There was a centralised system where you called 1 number instead of the branch you wanted. My calls were ignored for 1 day, then I tried calling another 6-7 times before someone returned my call. My preferred time was 7pm on 27 June 2011, at the Hougang Bus Interchange branch because it is near where I currently live. It was changed a total of 3 times (not by me) before I ended up going for my treatment at 6.30pm. Strange location, not necessarily bad but I’ve never seen shops (save for little snack kiosks) at bus interchanges. Took me a while to locate it because I went there by MRT and I didn’t know it was literally in the bus interchange in front of some bus bays.

It was decent inside the salon but there was definite suburban shoppe vibes. The massage therapist was chatty and it wasn’t really relaxing but she had great technique. Once I found the will to ignore her questions about my tattoos and what I did for work, I managed to relax (only for a while because the massage was only 20mins long). The rooms were a little tiny and the walls were thin. I could hear people laughing and some banging on the partition walls. The facial was not bad but nothing to rave about. I fell asleep because I generally do fall asleep at facials.

I had facial at True Spa, Beyond Beauty and Amore Day Spa prior to this and I was used to that level of comfort, privacy, service and dare I say, luxury. I didn’t particularly think they were luxurious till I went to Fresver. Price-wise, Fresver tried to sell me packages that were in the price-range of what I’d have paid at Amore (without the frills or the convenience) but because I am genuinely shopping for something, I ended up buying 6 sessions at $188 (with GST, it came up to slightly over $200).

At less than $35 per session, I’d say that’s a little under what I’d pay for such services at a small operation like this. To be honest, I was prepared to pay up to $50 per session but I didn’t have $960 (which was the minimum 20 sessions x $48 package) upfront and I think she was desperate to make a sale. There came a point where she offered to pay part of the package for me, only to pay her back in installments. She literally asked me what I could afford and magically pulled out “promotions” from 3 years back just for me… dedication much?

Was the coupon really worth $233. Nope! They didn’t even give me that whatever elastic eyemask (not that I wanted it). I’d say it came up to slightly under $100 at most. They weren’t even using the Dr. Grandel products that she raved about being the sole distributor to. Just generic ones. Also, it’s a bus interchange shop, yo! It was quite small and they were a little bit messy inside (plastic pails along the corridor).