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Mini House Tour

Obviously I’m not going to tell you where I live or am I going to show you everything – it is the interwebs after all! But I thought I would share some photos I took of our Southwestern-style (by this I mean a lot of wood and browns) house in Las Vegas.

So this is the street we live on. These are our neighbours’ houses obviously. It’s a very quiet neighbourhood and we love living in a family-friendly gated community.

And this is our unit. It’s quite a generic structure so I’m not afraid to share it. There are so many houses that look like it here. T says this is the Spanish Colonial style. We have a roof deck which we never use – my mum did when she came to visit. She was up there dancing and singing in the mornings. I put out a hammock on our 3rd floor balcony and it’s lovely to lie out there with Max when the weather is not too cold.

We have a small but I feel decent sized yard for a family our size. Max is out there most times.

And more of that brown, yellow, orange in our bedroom.

Even more browns in our 2 guestrooms. We current have 3 full-sized beds (even the bunk beds can sleep 2 persons on each deck). And we’ve had guests every other month since I moved in. It has been so nice!

On the same floor as the guest bedrooms (and our laundry room), we have what T says is our bonus room. Apparently that’s what it’s called when he bought the house. As you can see here, it’s our TV space.

And here’s the actual living room, and dining space (can’t see from the pictures here) and our open concept kitchen which I love. Other than that, we have a balcony, T’s office and a half-bath (aka powder room) up here on the 3rd floor. Carrying groceries up from the garage is a bitch! Argh! Luckily I have my strongman! Hahahaha… When I’m leaving the supermarket, I always text T to tell him I’m on my way home so he prepares to go meet me in the garage to carry all the stuff up. Then I put them away slowly.

And that’s it. My mini house tour. Unseen spaces are aplenty but I think you get the idea. There’s a lot of space for just 2 people and a dog but we hope that more people will come visit us and most of all, we can populate the house ourselves (if you know what I mean).