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Fat-shionista #514


Hey I’m back with the outfit posts. Hopefully I sustain this now that I’ve bought a tripod and no longer need T to help me take pictures. I love my new tripod – it’s easy to use, very sturdy and only USD19.95 (free shipping with Amazon Prime)! I use my Canon S90 with it and it works like a charm. I might try it again in a few days!

Today’s outfit is a dress I haven’t worn in ages! Can’t even remember the last time I wore it. I actually have 4 copies of this same cut. The original is a NEW LOOK dress and I hunted for ages for similar dresses before I decided to buy some fabric and get it copied at a local tailor back in Singapore.

Also, the shoes I’m wearing today have only been worn all of 2 times (once at our Viva Las Vegas wedding in October last year). I haven’t found any occasion to wear it ever since. But TAH DAH!

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Green and Pink polka dot copy dress

Accessories: Gold weave pleather belt from H&M; Pink baubles statement necklace from FOSSIL

Footwear: Dark Purple sueded platform wedge pumps with bow from HAILEY JEANS CO (on AMAZON)



Fat-shionista #498

These couple of weeks have been really tiring. Other than work, my family and I have been taking turns with the care of my maternal grandmother, as well as the household chores since our last maid went back to the Philippines and we all have full-time jobs. I’m mostly in charge of bathing my grandmother, bathing the dog, doing the laundry, washing the dishes and cooking. Hence, you know… the lack of updates.

On the upside, I’m counting down to my big holiday!! Another 2 1/2 weeks before I fly! Can’t wait to get back to Vegas to see T and take Max out for a walk again! And during the weekend of September 7, we will be in New York! *woot*

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Rainbow print skater dress from ASOS PETITE

Accessories: Green & silver multi-strand necklace from ACCESSORIZE

Bottom: Peach Meringue Petticoat from DOMINO DOLLHOUSE

Footwear: Pink/Leopard print flatforms/creepers from FromTheHeel on eBay

Today’s photos are by my wonderful colleague Jovin using my 2nd hand iPhone 4 and of course, as usual, taken just outside our office. HAHA! I’m not even apologetic about how basic and easily this is done. How do other bloggers do it? Going to a different location each time and lugging a huge-ass camera everyday.





Fat-shionista #387

I usually dress down on Fridays and my staples are jeans and a indie band tee. But because I’m attending my colleague Winnie’s wedding at 7.30pm and I only knock-off at 6pm, I felt it’d be too inconvenient to change. Was also a little too lazy to bring another outfit. I think this is a good attempt to transition.

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Navy 1950s-inspired dress with smocked back from H&M

Accessories: Gold bow-shaped earrings from BETSEY JOHNSON (off eBay); Floral leather & buttons shabby-chic necklace from ACCESSORIZE (gift from my pal in the UK, Wasya Birtle)

Footwear: Black ballet flats with bow from GEOX

yeahyeahyeah… I need to get dressier shoes. But it’s hard to get something comfortable and easy to wear everyday. I have RA (still mild now) and wearing heels aren’t an option these days. When it flares up, I find it hard to move (some days I can’t get out of bed and just have to lie there motionless in pain) and I don’t want to stress my joints to aggravate or speed up the deterioration. Any ideas where I can find dressier shoes under USD100 that won’t hurt me?



Thanks for the pictures Sian Eng. I think this girl is getting really good at it. We take less than 2 minutes to get all the pictures I need these days! Pose snap, pose snap, comment, pose, snap. Done!


Fat-shionista #306

What I’m wearing today:

Top: Bright orange tank top from UNGARO by EMMANUEL UNGARO

Bottom: Dark denim capris with red skinny belt (worn unaltered as full length trousers) from DOROTHY PERKINS

Outerwear: Black cropped cardigan from WAREHOUSE

Accessories: While beaded vintage necklace from eBay

Footwear: Black ballet flats from PRETTY FIT

This is a quick outfit post done on my iPhone. Thanks to Elizabeth for taking the photos! Busy work day. I mean week. Countdown! Exactly one month to my festival!! Exciting times, yo!







Fat-shionista #305

Floating frock in the morning breeze

Floating frock in the morning breeze

And into the sunshine!

And into the sunshine!

What I wore on Wednesday 13 July 2011:

Dress: Blue gathered frock with sweatheart neckline from H&M

Outerwear: Black cropped cardigan from WAREHOUSE

Accessories: Gold bow necklace from JUICY COUTURE

Footwear: Black ballet flats from PRETTY FIT

Special thanks to Rydwan for the photos. And also buying this dress on his trip to London! I can finally fit into a H&M UK16 without problems!

Close-up with the cardigan. Love this necklace!

Close-up with the cardigan. Love this necklace!

One more time with the full outfit

One more time with the full outfit


Garage Sale!

Ok I don’t have a garage. Few people do in Singapore. BUT I am clearing out a lot of things. If you live in Singapore and if you’re interested, I’m clearing out about half my wardrobe of pre-loved clothes (mostly UK14-18) as well as at least 50 pieces brand new with tags (mostly plus-sized up to UK22). The pre-loved ones are S$5 a piece, the brand new ones are going for S$10 each (tag prices are between S$30 – $90). All must go!

Also, my housemates are selling their things too. We’ve got loads of stuff together. A few pieces of furniture, some brand new shoes, kitchen appliances and utensils, bed linens, cushions, a COLEMAN inflatable double bed, queen-sized King Koil mattress. All at Pay-What-You-Think-It’s-Worth prices.

Open house at my place in Kovan from 12 – 6pm. 17th July 2011, Sunday. First come, first served. Please email me for address! cheekymollys [at] gmail