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wastedfashion 2011 Christmas Giveaway

Ho Ho Ho! I am currently away in Taiwan and am (hopefully) enjoying my holiday. This is a scheduled post to keep my readers occupied while I am not blogging.

In the spirit of the holidays, I am giving away 10 different items to my readers! It’s a free for all and open to international readers as well. All you need to do is LIKE the wastedfashion Facebook page and be the first to stake claim on these items by posting a comment (say “I want this”) on both platforms (the blog here and on the Facebook page).

Just tell me which item you want and it’s yours! First come, first served!

1. Fuchsia tube top from ISLAND SHOP (size XL)

2. Green cotton tunic from ISLAND SHOP (size UK16)

3. Pale pink & Glitter red lipgloss from THE FACESHOP (thanks to Michelle Yeo for giving me 6 tubes of these!)

4. Navy chunky plastic ring from ISLAND SHOP

5. Cupcake ring with adjustable band

6. Handmade beaded choker necklace from (Thanks to my friend Juanita for contributing this!)

7. Skull (hook over ears) headphones

8. HELLO KITTY correction tape and pen

9. Green silicon snap-clasp splash-proof pouch (vertical)

10. Red silicon snap-clasp splash-proof pouch (horizontal)

Remember, LIKE my Facebook page and be the first to stake claim on your choice item! I’ll be back in Singapore on the 25th and hopefully all 10 items will be snapped up by then!

Merry Christmas!!!