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Friends visiting from LA

In the last few weeks, we’ve had 2 sets of friends who travelled 4 hours from Los Angeles, California to visit us. I love having guests in our house. Firstly because it’s too quiet here. Secondly because I get to see my Singaporean friends (and their families). And lastly, I get to go out and do different things with different people!


Noel and Stella came with their 3-year old Kate and Kate’s nainai (aka Noel’s mum) 3 weeks ago;  Gill came last weekend with her husband Kevan, their 3-year old Conrad and their newest baby Allegra (who’s 2 months old). Despite the fact that they both had 3-year olds (who incidentally were born in the same year, just 3 days apart), I ended up doing quite different things and I loved it!

With the Yeos, we


With the Petersons, we

  • had Chinese takeout from Jacky Chan Chinese Food
  • went to the Grand Opening of the new Goodwill Store & Donation Center on Rainbow (a post for another day)
  • ate at the Circus Circus buffet and also Island Malaysian Cuisine (yet another post I want to do)
  • watched circus acts and played many many games at Circus Circus (I won the Unicorn from Despicable Me 2 and Kevan pulled out 3 Smurfs from the claw machines for his son)
  • flew a giant pink flamingo kite (bought the day before at Goodwill) and went down slides (not me) at Exploration Peak Park

I love that some of my favourite people to hang out with don’t live too far away from me (even though they’ve been trying to get T and I to move to LA). And… Las Vegas isn’t all Sin City and party town vibes – it’s actually not too bad and can be quite family-friendly right? Also, we couldn’t have been able to afford all these extra bedrooms if we lived in super expensive California… So that’s another perk right, friends? Come visit!!


Hello again, Bandung

I have been in Bandung for 2 days and it feels so good just to have a break! It’s been a year since my last trip to Bandung, Indonesia. I loved my holiday so much that I wanted to go back. This trip, I am traveling with Joe and Eugene. It’s been heaps of fun! We are currently staying at the Banana Inn Hotel and we’ve been hanging out a lot at Lou Belle Shop (56 Jl. Setiabudi), shopping at Rumah Mode factory outlet, eating Dutch-Indonesian fusion food (Bloemen, Braga Permai, Maja House etc.)

I also met up with my mates Rara, Marin, Fitrah and Rinta! So happy to see them again!

There’re loads of places here with free wifi and Joe has been compulsively seeking the wifi password wherever we rest. I check-in to Foursquare, blog, tweet and check emails as I go. It’s awesome leeching off wifi instead of paying for data roaming!











The Annual Meeting with Juanita

I’ve known Juanita since we were 7. We were Primary School classmates. She now lives in Zurich, Switzerland with her husband and 2 cats. We usually communicate online and send each other gifts. She’s quite the handy crafter and has made me many things – clothes and accessories. These days I get to see her once, if I’m lucky, twice a year when she returns to Singapore. Because time is precious, I always make an effort to take the day off work to spend it with her. Today, we had half a day and it was good!

We had lunch, she picked up a fantastic $10 pair of trekking sandals (carrying case included), bought fabric for dress-making (I spent S$57 for 3 dresses), had tea and then had dinner. I always look forward to just the two of us talking and catching up.