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12 Days of Christmas Swop 2013 edition

Last year my pal Juanita and I hosted an international swop for bloggers (more about it HERE, HERE and HERE). A total of 9 bloggers participated. I made a video everyday as I opened the presents from my swop partner, then uploaded each unveiling video daily onto my facebook page.

We enjoyed it so much that we are doing it again this year! We hope more bloggers would join us!


What’s this? 

– Are you a blogger?

– Do you get excited opening (non-$$$) mail?

– Would you like to celebrate Christmas with a (friendly) stranger through an international gift exchange?

Open to all international friends with a blog.

  • Swop partners will be announced on 01 November 2013.
  • Make a new friend!
  • Swop packages shall contain 12 individually wrapped items free from culturally offensive, dangerous or illegal material.
  • Budget: around $25 USD, excluding postage.
  • Mail out by 23 November 2013, Saturday. (21 days to put things together.)
  • By December: receive swop package from your partner.
  • Open 1 item a day.
  • Share the fun!

Suggested Content

  1. “12 Things About You” (written note, letter, or novel, if you insist)
  2. Favourite candy or snack
  3. Magazine / newspaper / pamphlet / postcard from wherever you are (Could be one of those free ones from a store)
  4. Reusable shopping bag (it’s good practice to carry one)
  5. Stationery
  6. “Something You Made

and [7] to [12] miscellaneous items you think your blog partner would enjoy (some fun blog-stalking required).

Let’s get creative!

To join leave a comment with your

  • blog URL
  • email,
  • location

Share The Love Get more friends involved!

Blog about this swop. Grab our swop button!  (Below) Wear the swop badge button proudly on your blog’s sidebar.


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Giveaway by Zellesq for wastedfashion readers!

4Check out the latest online Plus-Sized store based in Singapore – ZellesQ! They stock everything from tops, to dresses, to skirts and tights, as well as gorgeous accessories. Apparel sizes are available up to 3XL!

I had the great opportunity to try on some of their super cute outfits and model them for the newly launched site! They are fun, fabulous and fat-friendly!

As part of their launch, wastedfashion is collaborating with ZellesQ to give away some goodies – everybody loves free stuff! What’s even better is that they’re pretty things! Up for grabs are:

This means 5 lucky winners will stand a chance to get their hands on some baubles or apparel from this newly launched fat-friendly portal! Now, what do you think about that?!

This giveaway is open to all Fat-shionistas in Singapore only (no international shipping yet).

To participate, you need to

1. go on to their Facebook Page – ZellesQ Curve and LIKE it

2. LIKE the wastedfashion Facebook Page

3. Then comment on the wastedfashion Facebook post featuring ZellesQ and say “I’m here to join the ZellesQ giveaway”.

It’s that simple! The nice people at ZellesQ will then pick 5 random winners and announce them by 15 October 2013!


Rants & Raves: My 2013 Birthday Giveaway


I turn 35 on the 13th of September 2013 and to commemorate this significant occasion, I’d like to be generous and do a giveaway of some Vanity Trove boxes. Sorry, I jest. I mean you WILL stand a chance to win some Vanity Trove boxes but I’m not doing it to celebrate my birthday and I don’t think turning 35 is a big deal. Also, I didn’t really do anything to be born. As my mother’s firstborn, I think it’s a day that’s more significant to her than me.

This giveaway is too generous for my shallow pockets but I’d like to turn something crappy into a fun exercise (more on that below).

Anyway, here are the rules for this giveaway:

1. You must never ever purchase a subscription from (How am I going to police this? Who am I kidding? I’m giving them free publicity, silly me!)

2. You have to be based in Singapore. (This is 1 of the reasons why I can’t utilize my credits.)

3. You have to LIKE my facebook page

4. Share a shopping horror story on the related post on this giveaway. (It can be anything related to hardsell tactics, products that never arrived, deleting important emails about your purchase, recurring payments you forgot etc)

It’s that simple! Once I’ve picked the winners, I’ll get your Singapore-based mailing address and send you a box. Or actually, my sister will because I’ll be back in Las Vegas.

The story behind this giveaway:

I wrote to Vanity Trove on 16 August 2013 when I realised I haven’t gotten my July box and was wondering if August was going to be the same – emailed, twittered and facebooked. I also was concerned becaused I wasn’t going to be around anymore and really wanted to get all the boxes I paid for before I left.

Before I got any responses (that being a weekend), Paypal deducted another $300 recurring payment – my fault for not remembering to cancel. But I got a reply on Facebook yesterday morning (19 August 2013) to inform me that their subscription model has changed and it’s no longer a curated box – also my fault for deleteing all their emails as they spam me with product launches and events so often that I stopped reading. I was told that to get my July and August (and subsequent boxes) I needed to log in to “buy” what I wanted. Anyway, I tried the personalized model and clicked randomly. I now had about $400+ in credits because of cycle ONE and the new cycle that was credited. I “bought” 5 boxes and was left with $300 which really, I wanted to have refunded as this was for the next cycle. I explained that I won’t be around in Singapore to enjoy them. Whoever answered me on Facebook told me to give them my email and a follow-up with this message – “I have informed my CS team about the refund and they will be contacting you soon”.

Instead of the nice, friendly voice on Facebook, I got a very corporate sounding email this morning that told me “We do not have a refund policy for paid membership made, therefore you have to utilize the credits before the expiry date stated on your VanityTab.”. And that was that. I don’t think I have time or energy to do more than explain to them my situation. I’ve asked for help and the ball is in their court. As you can see, it’s largely my fault, so that’s all I can do. I really can’t afford to do thi$ right now but really, I don’t think I have a case against corporate sounding emails. *koffkoff* And as friendly as they attempt to make their brand more appealing by creating a false persona to front it (i.e. Victoria Tan), they’re still a money-making entity at the end of the day (and I get it, they are entitled to whatever T&Cs and don’t have to practice goodwill in customer service if they don’t wish to). I am thoroughly frustrated but I have more urgent matters at hand so please enjoy and partake in this!

I have 5 boxes coming and another $300 more credits. A box is about $25 on average, so I guess if they won’t be refunding me the $300, there will be more boxes I’ll be giving away!

Learn from my mi$take!!! Read the fine print, be aware of what you’re buying, cancel recurring payments (you really don’t need it because it’s easier to decide after 1 cycle if you want to re-subscribe) and join my giveaway! There are at least 10 Vanity Trove boxes to win as long as you promise not to ever buy from them (try to resist it or suffer the folly of my ways).


Fat-shionista #476

14 days left to MY SUMMER FESTIVAL of 2013! And about another 70+ days before my next BIG HOLIDAY! I’m going back to Las Vegas and taking a break for a while. Haven’t bought my tickets yet.

DELTA, if you’re listening, please send some tickets, discounts or even an upgrade my way… That’s Singapore to Las Vegas, thanks!

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Cream Aki Goth Mini dress from HELL BUNNY

Accessories: Black lace HEATHER headdress from Frills and Fancies (You can win this one HERE)

Skirt: Black tutu worn under dress from DEATH KITTY

Leggings: Navy tights from DOROTHY PERKINS

Footwear: Brown distressed leather booties from RUBI SHOES

Don’t forget to enter the Frills and Fancies Giveaway! Go to their facebook page now and say “I WANT” on the item you wish to win! 4 random winners will be selected by 23 June 2013!




Rants & Raves: Our 2012 Christmas Swop

In 2010, my pal Juanita sent me a box of presents from Switzerland. Her in-laws lovingly carried the package back to Singapore for her. She sent me 12 things in the package and numbered them. I was allowed to open only in sequence, 1 a day. It was quite a fun exercise and I loved it so much. You can read about it here (

After we did the JuanitaTortilla Birthday Giveaway, we had so much fun that we wanted to organise another. This time, it’ll be open to all bloggers and EVERYONE who participates will get something! We named it the 12 Days of Christmas Swop and we’d like everyone to participate! Male, female, young and old!

Essentially, you’ll need to be a blogger (sorry for the others), sign up and we’ll use a randomiser to pair you up, you make/buy/find 12 different gifts (with a total value of at least USD25) suitable for your partner (you should learn more about them from their blog), and post them by 17 November 2012 so that they will get their package in time (12 days before Christmas). Then we all blog about our experiences! Click HERE for more details!

To give you an idea of what should be done, I have picked out my 12 items already! 6 are packed and 6 can be seen below. There are some girly things and some generic things so it might be appropriate for anyone. Do these items interest you? Join this swop! Maybe you’ll be my partner and they’ll be yours!


The SmartBuyGlasses Giveaway

*EDIT – This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to Kasia!
As if those awesome Ray Bans weren’t enough! I have a pair of sexy shades to share with my readers (local and international)! Aren’t we lucky? Thank you SmartBuyGlasses for sponsoring this post! This giveaway will run from 6 October 2012 (SGT 1800hrs) and end on 27 October 2012 (SGT 1800hrs).
The winner will win a pair of  UNISEX Vogue sunglasses worth C$99.00 from SmartBuyGlasses.


Here are the requirements to enter the giveaway:
  1. Like SmartBuyGlasses Canada:
  2. Follow SmartBuyGlasses Canada on Twitter: @SBG_CA
  3. On the SmartBuyGlasses Twitter, answer to this question : “what’s your favourite pair”?

I have progressed to using a fancy-smancy widget for this giveaway! You can chalk up chances your way! Unfortunately Rafflecopter is not compatible with WordPress, so instead you should
Click HERE to enter

If you’ve entered using different userIDs, be sure to let me know in the comment below!

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The Juanita Tortilla Birthday Giveaway – Results

This post was supposed to be for yesterday – my birthday, but 2 of my winners did not fulfill all the requirements of the sponsored giveaway which was conducted a month ago, so I was waiting for their responses.

My Winners were:

1. Saralyn / TwitPic

2. Tasneem / A Gift

3. Razaan / Photo

4. Jason

5. Siew Lin

All they had to do was send me a “birthday present” i.e. photo – email, tweet or a blog post, of them and the gift that JuanitaTortilla handmade and sponsored. I mailed them out diligently and was disappointed because I even sent reminders a few days ago. Anyway, I’ve given it away and that’s that, right?

Thank you to everyone who participated and completed the task!


The 3rd WASTEDFASHION blogaversary Giveaway

*EDIT: Ended!

This is another giveaway and it’s in conjunction with my 3rd blogaversary happening on 15th October 2012! Just like my birthday giveaway, I hope that on 15th October, I’ll be able to do a post of the winners WITH their prizes (my birthday is next Thursday, 13th September and I’m still waiting for my 5 winners from the previous giveaway to send me the photos).

This giveaway starts NOW! And will close when I have 15 participants. The final 3 winners will be picked via an online randomiser and results will be screen-captured and posted here.

To participate, you should:

1) Be a wastedfashion reader

2) LIKE my Facebook Fan Page (Please indicate below in the comments if your Facebook name is different)

3) Follow me on Twitter (Please indicate below in the comments if your twitter ID is different)

4) Leave a comment below to indicate that you’d like to participate.

I will leave a comment after yours to let you know if you’ve completed the above requirements accurately and whether you’re officially in the lucky draw or not.

If you win, please send me a photo of YOU & the prizes you’ve received before 15th October 2012. It’s that simple!

*EDIT: I’ve just amended the rules a little to accomodate other readers. Leaving a comment gives you 1 chance, following me on Twitter & Facebook gives you 1 additional chance each. So if you do all 3, your name will be put into the lucky draw 3 times. I just want everyone to have a little fun 🙂

The items in the above photos have all been packed into 3 random boxes – there are cosmetics box sets and accessories included. All are brand new and unused.


Good luck and have fun!


The JuanitaTortilla Birthday Giveaway

*EDIT – This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to all 5 winners! Hope to see the photos of you and your loot soon!

Hey it’s my birthday in exactly a month and I’m gonna give you presents! There are 5 sets of sponsored jewellery up for grabs! (See, I play nice and I share my things!)

Please visit JuanitaTortilla and say hello to my lovely sponsor and beloved childhood friend!



This giveaway is open to all including international readers! To participate:

  • You must have a blog or twitter. (Please leave me your blog address & twitter handle)
  • You must LIKE both the wastedfashion and JuanitaTortilla Facebook pages, then tell us you’re there to win the JuanitaTortilla Birthday giveaway
  • Be the first to leave a comment on this post to claim 1 of 5 sets!
  • Just say “I want” and if you’re amongst the first 5, YOU WIN! (Randomly packed with a few items seen here.)

My birthday is on 13 September and here’s what I want from you in return – I’ll send the items out as soon as I get your address. Hopefully by 13 September 2012, you can tweet me a photo of you with the freebies (@wastedfashion) or/and write a short blog entry about it.

This giveaway starts NOW and ends when all 5 items have been claimed.






Visit JuanitaTortilla’s Blog | Etsy Shop | Facebook Page | Twitter


wastedfashion 2011 Christmas Giveaway

Ho Ho Ho! I am currently away in Taiwan and am (hopefully) enjoying my holiday. This is a scheduled post to keep my readers occupied while I am not blogging.

In the spirit of the holidays, I am giving away 10 different items to my readers! It’s a free for all and open to international readers as well. All you need to do is LIKE the wastedfashion Facebook page and be the first to stake claim on these items by posting a comment (say “I want this”) on both platforms (the blog here and on the Facebook page).

Just tell me which item you want and it’s yours! First come, first served!

1. Fuchsia tube top from ISLAND SHOP (size XL)

2. Green cotton tunic from ISLAND SHOP (size UK16)

3. Pale pink & Glitter red lipgloss from THE FACESHOP (thanks to Michelle Yeo for giving me 6 tubes of these!)

4. Navy chunky plastic ring from ISLAND SHOP

5. Cupcake ring with adjustable band

6. Handmade beaded choker necklace from (Thanks to my friend Juanita for contributing this!)

7. Skull (hook over ears) headphones

8. HELLO KITTY correction tape and pen

9. Green silicon snap-clasp splash-proof pouch (vertical)

10. Red silicon snap-clasp splash-proof pouch (horizontal)

Remember, LIKE my Facebook page and be the first to stake claim on your choice item! I’ll be back in Singapore on the 25th and hopefully all 10 items will be snapped up by then!

Merry Christmas!!!