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Jean Yip Style of the Month Campaign


I’m one of the 10 lucky bloggers who have been invited to Jean Yip’s Style of the Month Campaign. I tried explaining to T that the Jean Yip Group is a large beauty chain in Singapore with hair, face, body and nail salons all over the island as well as in Malaysia (and China). As a point of reference, I said Charles Worthington, which of course, my American fiance doesn’t know. Then I said how about Vidal Sassoon and he said oh okay. He asked if I was going to get a $1000 hair style and when I said “I hope so”, he got excited about it. Heehee…

My hair is the ultimate crap. I never know what to do with it. I usually go to whichever hair salon is empty or convenient and ask for a bob with bangs. Then leave it up to different hairdressers to interpret what that means. I’ve got fine, limp hair and an oily scalp. My hair becomes greasy by 5pm even if I wash it every morning before I go to work. To add to that, I’m starting to spot greys and some thinning. When I received the call to confirm my appointment, I told them that I trust that they would do what’s best for me and to please feel free to cut, colour, treat, perm or whatever they think I need. I heard a chuckle on the other end of the line and reassurance that I don’t have to worry, they will make it look good.


My appointment was for 8 July 2013, 5.30pm at Jean Yip’s Plaza Singapura branch but I arrived about 20 minutes early. Andy greeted me and brought me to my seat. I was introduced to Senior Stylist Joe who asked me what I wanted and I told him he could do whatever he thought was appropriate. After all, my hair was limp and shapeless.


I was given a stack of magazines and my 3 1/2 hours there went by really fast. To be honest, I used to scoff at people who spend hours at the hair salon every month because the thought of just being bored in a chair for that long kills me. Jean Yip hair salons have tons upon tons of magazines and I’m glad they have both English Language ones and Chinese language ones (not that I ever read those). Also, the flurry of activities around me kept me thoroughly entertained.


I was given a “light wash” which I thought was very thorough. I wonder what their proper wash entailed. Then I was given a hair cut, a digital perm, and scalp treatment that involved my hair in a steamy nappy then my entire head under a red lamp. While the entire thing was going on, I was constantly asked if I needed a refill on my drink or if I was hungry. That was really nice, huh? I was very well taken care of by Joe and Kate who assisted him. What was even better was, big boss Mr Mervin Wee came by to introduce himself and shook hands. Then busied himself around the store, giving someone a haircut, and popped by my seat to bid farewell before he left!


So tah dah!! What do you think of my new hair courtesy of Jean Yip Group? My digital perm and cut costs S$288; the Scalp Peel with light is S$338. I chose to do the scalp peel with light because it’s supposed to help clear the build-up on my oily scalp and nourish follicles to prevent hair loss. I can’t wait for my next appointment! I’m planning to colour, trim and treat!


They have over 20 hairdressing outlets all over Singapore. Drop in on any Jean Yip salon, get a haircut with one of their 400 professional hairstylists and be a part of the #styleofthemonth campaign! You stand a chance to win 1 Grand Prize of S$1, 000 hairdressing service voucher and 25 consolation prizes every month! Details to be found on their facebook HERE

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Couponing: 3 Sessions Hair Rejuvenating Therapy by TK Trichokare

Date: 18, 22 & 28 August 2011

Deal: $49 instead of $537, 91% off 3 Sessions Hair Rejuvenating Therapy at 4 locations by TK Trichokare

How it went:

Let me just put it out there that I actually go to Svenson’s for oily scalp treatment as my hair has been thinning for some time. I have fine hair to begin with and I’ve never had a thick head of hair ever. My oily scalp makes things worse because the grease apparently clogs your hair follicles and you get a bald patch. I’m very satisfied with Svenson’s at this point in time but I am still shopping around for a good deal on similar treatments so I tried out this TK Trichokare.

Frilly filigree patterns on the wall

Frilly filigree patterns on the wall at the reception

Frilly wall patterns and individual stations.

Frilly wall patterns and individual stations divided by frosted glass panels

Quiet & dim common hair wash area

Quiet & dim common hair wash area

I went to the Wheelock Place branch on 3 different days over 2 weeks. It’s nice and quiet. The decor was fake classical European-esque (compared to the more Scandinavian style Svenson’s). There were these frilly gothic type patterns and gold frames. And on the 3 different times I went, it wasn’t crowded plus a ton of magazines for reading which I loved. After I was greeted at the reception, I was led into a small office for a “discussion” with their consultant Sharon (I think). She was probably Malaysian and spoke with an accent. I found it a little difficult to follow her train of thoughts and her language skills were a bit of a problem too. She didn’t seem too comfortable speaking in English and her grammar was all over the place. But I get the general drift. She felt that my hair was thinning and I wasn’t getting enough from my Svenson’s treatments. Also I should upgrade to this other thing and top up about $100 (even before I did the 3 sessions). Everything here was expensive but nothing exceptionally outstanding. It was good but it wasn’t worth $200 to wash my head.

I loved the hair wash. I also love $10 hair washes and head massages, who am I kidding? Then there was this squirting of some tonic after my hair wash. After which, a red light was shone on my head for a bit. Then my hair was blown dry and styled. That’s all.

So was it worth $537? Nope! Was it worth $49? Maybe… a little too much money for a hair wash, blow dry and application of tonic. But it was in a fancy building in the middle of Orchard Road. They had nice magazines for me to read and I did thoroughly enjoy my ME-time! If a similar coupon comes by, I wouldn’t hesitate to snap it up! I do like the ambience but the location was a bit out of the way if I wanted to go there frequently. The Svenson’s branch I visit is 10 minutes away from my house, so yup! Oh but I did end up spending about $39 for a bottle of TK Trichokare “Black Shine” hair serum. Very easy to use – one pump, rub it through your wet hair, and that’s it! It’s supposed to make your hair soft and shiny!