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So I’ve been doing some Yoga

IMG_3376Yes, so I’ve been going to Vegas Hot for hot yoga, hot pilates and kettlebell classes – mostly hot yoga.

Long story short:

  • Went over to my neighbour Donna’s house to share some baked goods with her in mid-January and she invited me to join her for hot yoga the next day.
  • Got myself a 1 week pass to all their classes.
  • Signed up for a year’s unlimited membership on the 7th day after 3 sessions.
  • Been going every other day ever since.

It has been taking me ages to get into the swing of things here in Vegas. I was down in the dumps after my family returned to Singapore and started feeling restless again. I wanted to make more of an effort to fit in and rid myself of the extended holiday mindset because I obviously might never go home to Singapore, back to my former life again. So these couple of weeks, I’ve made it a point to get myself out to yoga classes – mostly before dawn because T needs his car to go to work. I usually take the 7am classes to get home by 8.30am, except on weekends when Donna gives me a lift.

What’s my excuse for not getting out of the house since I have something to do and somewhere to go now? What’s my excuse for not exercising since I don’t work and I have nothing else to do (except cook, clean and take care of Max)? Right?

Also because I didn’t put down any New Year’s Resolutions for 2014, I arbitrarily decided that this would be it. My fitness challenge is to do 100 days of Yoga. If you recall, the previous years’ included running a public race (I started with a 5km and worked my way up to a 12km), exercising in a mixed gym (for functional training) and basically getting off my butt.

So there… I’ve gone for almost 30 sessions now and the race (with myself) is on! I’m going to win this to ensure that I make full use of the $$$ I plonked down. It also has been nice to have a workout buddy in my neighbour Donna, even though we only see each other on the weekends.

I think my key issues with doing yoga were me not trusting my farts (you know what I mean) and also toppling from a pose in an awkward angle, in the process embarrassing myself. But so far so good and whenever I feel faint or when my heart beats too quickly, I get nervous and quickly sit down on the mat.

IMG_3377Don’t be mistaken, I still hate exercise. I abhor pain and sweat. So in order to motivate myself, I reward myself every 5 sessions I attend. So far, I’ve given myself new workout clothes, a new water bottle and skidless yoga towels. I am working my way up to a new yoga mat, a new gym tote and also one of those fitness tracker things (I lost my FitBit One in the moshpit 2 years ago). Huzzah!

The game is on!

Any thoughts and advice, guys?