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Rants & Raves: Shapewear

While I fight the battle of the bulges, I still believe that a fuller figured woman can still look great and is entitled to feel good… Solution? SHAPEWEAR!

As you can tell, I have started wearing the nip and flare cuts that are so 1950s. But here’s the secret – I have no hips and it’s straight all down from just below my boobs. The only difference is, the protrusion at my belly and then my derriere. Otherwise, the measurements are somewhat similar. Men are not the only creatures who love the pin-up, hourglass figures on women – I do too! I have taken to wearing full circle skirts and big fluffy petticoats. On top of that, I’ve discovered the beauty of a good pair of shaping underpants.

Gok Wan Pull Me In Pants

The ones that I wear under skirts and dresses are not too much different from the GOK WAN PULL IN PANTS in the picture above. It not only tucks me in where necessary but I find it so useful to prevent chafing or “chub rub” in the thigh area. The only time I’m not wearing something like that, is when I’m in trousers, shorts, jeans or leggings!

Berlei Weekend Top Secret Cami

I would also recommend something like this Berlei Weekend Top Secret Cami with secret shelf support and soft moulded cups. I actually do have something similar (a few in different colours and cuts) that I’ve been wearing to work (under regular clothes) and also as a top on my recent holiday in Melbourne, while lounging in the apartment! But this Berlei one is so gorgeous, I want to wear it out on its own!! Someone buy me one for Christmas!

If you’re keen on getting your collection started, check out the great collection of shapewear from Marisota. They have shapewear from size UK12 up to UK32! And if you’re a little skint at the mo’… check out their awesome sale section!


The hunt for jeans

Smart casual, luncheon get-up with jeans

Smart casual, luncheon get-up with jeans

I’m either a “round”, a “rectangle” or an “apple/diamond”. I don’t know which one. I have no waist to speak of and my bust, boobs and hips seem to have almost the exact same measurements except for the fact that they jut out from different angles. I also tend to have a high sitting belly.

Slouchy comfortable jeans for travelling

Slouchy comfortable jeans for travelling

For all the above reasons, I love shift dresses that either skim past my mid-section or those that flare out to give the illusion of hips. More than anything else, I love my jeans. They are my Saturday staple and I currently own about 5 pairs – different colours and fit. My running however has now significantly toned or reduced my lower body and I am a UK14 for bottoms whilst remaining a UK16 waist and up. The hunt for new bottoms (i.e. jeans) begins!!

My weekend uniform for hanging out

My weekend uniform for hanging out

Because I’m only 1.53m tall and I technically have a shorter torso than the average person, I usually pick low-waist petite length jeans. Most times, 3/4 or capris fit me like full length bottoms, so those work too. And because of my belly, stretchy jeans give the best fit! I’m on the hunt for new jeans but they shouldn’t cost me more than S$60 a pair! With the exchange rates these days though, I think S$60 does go a lot further than before.

Dress down weekends. Always with the jeans & an indie band t-shirt!

Dress down weekends. Always with the jeans & an indie band t-shirt!

Anybody seen this range of plus-sized jeans from Marisota? I was pointed to this link recently and 3 of their 9 styles caught my eye. Now, I’m curious.

  1. WOW jeans – designed to make your bum look perkier without going to the gym
  2. SLIM-FIT jeans – skinnies with stretch
  3. JEGGINGS – no explanation needed, I love jeggings.

I’m not sure about the prices though. They are a little more than what I’d normally spend but I’m a bargain hunter and everything is always a little more than what I’m willing to pay. Most Singaporeans willingly pay over S$100 for Levi’s and I do value the fit of a great pair of jeans. They are generally hardier and last longer than most other items in my wardrobe. Maybe it’s time to think about paying a little bit more.

Ok anyway, I’m thinking of

a) Petite WOW Slim Leg Jeans (length 27in)
b) Lola Slim Leg Jeans (length 27in)

I’m not sure how opaque the last one is and I’m definitely not wearing it with my top tucked in! Also high-waisted might mean it goes right up to just under my boobs! Then again, it also looks like it’ll be great under my 100000 tunic tops/short dresses!