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Fat-shionista #465

My colleague Xavier went “WAAAAAAAAH!” in shock when he walked past me just as I was about to go get today’s outfit photo taken. Noting that the colours are rather muted today, I can only assume that it’s my neon orange hair bow. Well, actually Sian Eng was the one who brought it up. She found the bow quite a distraction when I last wore it. Apparently, it’s always at the corner of her eye or in her line of sight. What do you think?

I love this bow!! It’s one of 2 that T bought me in Bangkok recently. Now that my hair’s a little longer (and somewhat fluffier), I think I’d like to dress it up more often with accessories. Watch out for bows, barettes and rosettes!

What I’m wearing today:

Top: Black sleeveless bra top from UNIQLO

Outerwear: Mustard yellow chiffon jacket from a nonameshop in Far East Plaza

Accessories: Long plastic airplanes necklace from Bitsch Kitsch; Neon orange polka dotted hair bow from thestreetsofbangkok

Bottom: Grey elastic-waist hi-lo skirt from NEW LOOK (Best skirt I own, in my opinion. Travels easy – light and no ironing required)

Leggings: Black tights with pink and blue hearts from TOPSHOP

Footwear: Mustard Yellow mary janes from ZIPIA

For some reason, today’s ensemble is so comfortable and makes me so happy! I think I will dress like this more often! Layered light fabrics FTW!




Look! Feetsies! That’s Sian Eng’s and mine


Fat-shionista #462

I’ve been invited to the premiere of STAR TREK INTO THE DARKNESS 3D. I can’t wait for the work day to end!! ZOMG!

And this is what I’m wearing to attend…

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Red/Cream floral pin tucked bib dress from FOREVER 21+

Outerwear: Black cropped cardigan from WAREHOUSE

Accessories: Red plastic ball ring from thestreetsofbangkok; Woodcut sleeping fox brooch from DULCETFIG

Leggings: Chili red sheer grid patterned stockings from KATE SPADE

Footwear: Mustard yellow maryjanes from ZIPIA




I seriously think this dress is too long and I should chop off about 2 inches. What do you think?


Fat-shionista #449

Oh Hell Bunny, how much do I love thee? I wish I had more Hell Bunny dresses!

And leggings! I’m wearing my all time favourite WE LOVE COLORS teal tights in size A/B. (I’m 5′ 0″ and a regular UK16 if you’re wondering about the fit.) Colour so rich, so soft, stretches well over my bum and belly and the gusset still going strong after multiple stretches and washes! Every non-average sized woman should own one!!

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: EDEN floral butterfly skull summer dress from HELL BUNNY (I bought mine from SIRENS AND STARLETS. There’s a clearance going on right now!)

Accessories: Plastic airplanes necklace (gift from Tamares)

Leggings: Teal tights from WE LOVE COLORS

Footwear: Mustard coloured synthetic leather Mary Janes from ZIPIA





Fat-shionista #447

It’s a Saturday and I’m back at work. As I type this, there’s a heavy downpour outside. I’m safe and snug… Well as snug as I can at a work desk, indoors.

I’m wearing 2 items that are gifts from special men in my life – my dear old pal Ryddy bought this top during his last trip back to the UK and the hair bow is a purchase made by my boyfriend T, at the hot and noisy street markets of Bangkok.

Thanks Tamares for taking these photos! I love these dreamcatcher clouds!

What I’m wearing today:

Top: White Hi-Lo top with lipstick print from DOROTHY PERKINS

Bottom: Black tailored shorts from RIVER ISLAND

Accessories: Multi-coloured print hair print from thestreetsofbangkok

Footwear: Dracula vs Frankenstein Mary Janes from Em & Sprout on





Fat-shionista #399

What I’m wearing today:

Top: Black tee from Indonesian electro-pop band GOODNIGHT ELECTRIC

Bottom: Pink/Black polka dotted elasticized waist half-skirt from ATMOSPHERE (PRIMARK)

Accessories: Pink/Coral/Black polka dotted knot rope necklace from Ami The Vintagist; Black/Green/Pink “Fresh Princess” clip on earrings from PIXELHEARTPIXEL





And my crazy photographer Shridar Mani for his 4-panel jumpshot (sorry I failed to capture it).


I’d like to talk about these shoes! My friend Atom from this really rocking band, Hedgehog, bought it for me because I couldn’t find similar ones in Singapore AND, my pal Joe, lovingly carried it back from Beijing!


Oh and I realized I didn’t have lipstick on in the photos and looked kinda washed out. So as an after thought, here – L’Oreal Color Riche 285 Pink Fever.