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My Stuff: Everyday Make-Up July 2013


This is what I use on an average day for my make-up, no make-up look. Yeah it looks like I use a lot of stuff just to make myself look clean-faced with minimal make-up. It’s true. And under the cosmetics, I have my toner and sunblock too!

So this came up because my pal Isis asked me about my eyeliner last week. I said I’ll do a post to list down what I use since the last time I did one was about a year ago. I use a really random mix lot so it’s mostly affordable and easily available for most people.

Here’s my list of what I’m using for my everyday face, in order of application:

1. MAC Studio Finish Concealer SPH 35FPS NC20

This has been my go-to concealer for a long time. It covers well and is in the right shade for me.

2. BAVIPHAT Secret Recipe BB Magic Girls PLUS BB CREAM Fresh for Oily Skin SPF30/PA++

I discovered this on my sister’s dresser and used it once. Fell in love with what it does for my skin and bought a tube for myself off eBay. I use this very sparingly and a small pea sized drop spreads easily to cover my entire face. I try not to use a foundation when I don’t need it. It gives my skin a chance to breathe and I do notice that as I get older, foundation can be unflattering as it accentuates my large pores and fine lines. But I do have uneven skin tone that’s starting to look sallow so at the very least, I need a BB cream to even it out.

3. MAC Select Sheer/Pressed powder NC 25

I’ve been using this for at least 10 years now and sometimes I do get darker when I stay out in the sun for a few days in a row but not enough for me to want to purchase a shade darker. Great coverage, matches my skin colour, yet doesn’t look too heavy for me. I love pressed powders for their convenience. I can’t be bothered with big brushes and loose powder even if people say it looks more “natural”. Because I don’t use foundation, I think it’s okay to be a little more heavy handed with a pressed powder.

4. BIOTHERM Play On Velvet Eye Shadow Perfect Wear 600

This was something that my sister didn’t want. It works for me and helps even out the darker colour around my eyes. Most times, it doesn’t even look like I have eye shadow on. Also, sometimes I make mistakes and smudge my eyeliner or make small stains with my mascara, I just go over the tainted area with a few strokes of this and it disappears. Or so I think.

5. SILKY GIRL Natural Brow Pencil 02 Dark Brown

My eyebrows are the ultimate crap. What’s with the hair on my head and my eyebrows? Years of torture plucking and one rather uneven eyebrow embroidery job has left me with sparse and uneven eyebrows. Luckily, I wear bangs and on most days, my eyebrow pencil does the job well enough that nobody notices. I like my brows darker as it frames my face and perks me up. I like the shade of this pencil, it’s easily available at the drugstores and it’s only a few bucks!

6. MAYBELLINE Hyper Sharp Liner

Easily the best eyeliner I’ve ever used. I’ve since bought over 10 of these! It’s like a firm felt marker with a fine tip. Very easy to use and highly pigmented. Be careful on the first 5-6 uses as it’s usually very wet and takes a while to dry.

7. MAYBELLINE The MAGNUM Volum’ Express Ultracomb Waterproof

All the black MAYBELLINE waterproof mascaras are good! I use them interchangeably especially when there is a discounted item. I like this because it’s a little comb and brushes out each eye lash.

8. MAC Well Dressed Satin Powder Blush

A light pink blush, none too overboard. I use this for day and tend to go for a dusky rose pink at night.

9. GUERLAIN Meteorites Perles Illuminating Powder – Pure Radiance 01 Teint Rose

Bought this last year at the airport duty free shop on my way back from Melbourne, Australia. It comes as a set of 2. This jar has green, white, yellow, purple and pink. The other jar which I left in Las Vegas, is mostly pink and white. I don’t know what the difference is honestly, but I use it everyday now. I swirl the brush into the jar of beads and then brush in rotating motion over my cheekbones just under my eyes, on the tip of my nose and chin. It seems to do the trick of deflecting light and making my skin less old in pictures. I notice how much more haggard and dull my skin is when I’m not using it.

10. BENEFIT Dandelion Ultra Plush lip gloss

This smells good and gives my lips this light dewy tint. Sometimes I just use it alone but most days this goes under my lipstick.


A creamy pink lipstick which is great everyday. For pictures though, I sometimes go over this colour with a deeper hot pink so that it would perk up my face. But otherwise Speed Dial is a great “natural” go to colour for me.

So what do you use? Is your everyday face as complicated? I spend about 10-12 minutes on my face – including toner and sunblock. Is that too long? How long do you take?

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My Stuff: Make-up Pouch May 2012

It’s been a while since I did one of these “What’s in my Bag” type posts. My current make-up pouch which I carry everyday is compact and handy. This is the minimum I’ll need to look presentable.

1. Vinyl-coated pouch with coloured skulls & cross bones from PAPERCHASE

2. MAYBELLINE Instant Age Rewind under eye concealer in Medium

3. MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC25

4. BIOTHERM Play On velvet eye shadow in 105

5. BENEFIT Dandelion brightening face powder

6. SILKY GIRL natural brow pencil in 02 Dark Brown

7. MAYBELLINE Hypersharp Liner

What do you carry or use on a daily basis?


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Singapore Expo Bargains

After yesterday’s trip, I went back to Singapore Expo with my 2 sisters this morning. We went to the L’Oreal Warehouse Sale, the Penguin Books Warehouse Sale and the Sports & Fitness Expo. My youngest sister zoomed in on the chick lit books at $3 each and ended up buying a ton of them.

Here’re most of our combined purchases

The sum of 3 sisters grabbing a bargain

The sum of 3 sisters grabbing a bargain

I couldn’t resist and picked out more books. This time, my youngest sister picked up the tab… mwahahahaha! I had a $3 limit for most of my purchases but I couldn’t help but “SPLASH OUT” S$8 for The Widows of Eastwick by John Updike.

My Day 2 purchases from the Penguin Books Warehouse Sale

My Day 2 purchases from the Penguin Books Warehouse Sale

I stumbled onto the L’Oreal Warehouse Sale by accident yesterday when I went to Singapore Expo with Natalie, Tamares and Sharon during our lunch break. I told my sisters about it and after some research by my younger sister who checked out bloggers who’ve already done the sale, she gave it her stamp of approval.

Good deals! We bought quite a number of things to last us the next 6 months. Seeing that we share most of our things (including toiletries in the 2 bathrooms), I’d say we’re on the winning side of economies of scale!

All of these are my picks - though most will be shared

All of these are my picks - though most will be shared

1. Garnier hair dye – 2 for S$10

2. L’oreal Feria hair dye – 2 for S$15

3. Visible Results face mask – S$10 for 1 box

4. Maybelline Mousse blush pots – 2 for S$10

5. L’oreal Make-up cleansing cloths – S$10 for a pack of 40 sheets

6. L’oreal Shocking Volume mascara – S$10 for 1

7. Maybelline nail polish remover – S$5 for 1 bottle

8. L’oreal mineral make-up – S$10 for 2

9. Garnier body scrub – S$10 for 2

10. Garnier facial wash – S$10 for 2 (bundled with freebie)

11. L’oreal Elseve shampoo (travel size) – S$1 for 1

Other than that, I bought 3 pairs of socks for $10 from the New Balance booth at the Sports & Fitness Expo right next door. My youngest sister scored a really good pair of black sneakers for $40 and some running tops/t-shirts.

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Fat-shionista #6

Today’s look…



  • URBAN DECAY Brow Beater – Brunette Bombshell
  • URBAN DECAY Eyeshadow – Goddess
  • URBAN DECAY Eyeshadow – Uzi
  • PAUL & JOE Glistening Eye Color – 004
  • BENEFIT Bad Gal Liner (Waterproof) – Extra Black
  • MAYBELLINE Intense XXL Volume + Length – Brownish Black


  • MAC Heatherette Satin – Hollywood Nights
Earrings - Left Side

Earrings - Left Side

Earrings - Right Side

Earrings - Right Side



  • Black Plastic Bejewelled Heart-shaped Brooch from Diva

  • CROCS Prima Ballet Flats – Silver
  • JIBBITZ – Spider Web
  • JIBBITZ – Skull & Crossbones

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My Stuff: Contents of my Make-up Pouch (October 2009)

Stuff in my cosmetics pouch right now

Stuff in my cosmetics pouch right now

Someone gave me this lovely cherry-print cosmetics pouch from Steph & Co. by
I change the contents of my make-up pouch as often as I want to. Though my staples include my eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, concealer and pressed powder. This is just for mobile use and touch ups on the go.
Right now, I have:
  1. MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder – NC25
  2. REVLON new complexion One-Step Compact Makeup – 03 sand beige
  3. COULEUR INC Eyebrow Pencil – Light Brown 02
  4. MAKE UP STORE Care & Cover – Medium
  5. THE BODY SHOP Cheek Blush Blush Creme
  6. ESTEE LAUDER Pure Color Crystal Lipstick – 305 Crystal Blush
  7. PAUL & JOE Glistening Eye Colour – 004
  8. CLINIQUE Almost Lipstick – 06 Black Honey
  9. MAYBELLINE Intense XXL Volume + Length – Brownish Black
  10. BENEFIT Bad Gal Liner (Waterproof) – Extra Black
  11. L’OREAL HiP mini eyeshadow brush
  12. Eyeshadow from Korea, don’t know what brand – Marbled gold and brown flecks

With this, I can amp it up for parties right after work, or do a minor touch-up in the day or even get by spending a night out and waking up in random overnight situations…