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Arthur Yen does plus sizes?

I’m blogging about this on the go and I’m on a bus on the way to the gym. I was just at NEX mall in Serangoon for my weekly hair therapy at Svenson Hair Center (female hormones for hair loss, but that’s another story).

Anyway I stumbled into a Arthur Yen boutique by chance and I discovered some pretty wearables in larger sizes (up to a UK20, could be bigger but I didn’t look too carefully). This is a wonderful discovery as anything above UK12 is near impossible to find, save for old lady clothes and UK brands like Marks & Spencer, Dorothy Perkins etc. You know… Most Asian women are just impossibly small and petite.

I’ve always thought Arthur Yen did skinny people clothes with an OLOL (old lady old lady) vibe. Mostly conservative work clothes or evening wear. But I think I might be wrong!

Here are some of the pieces I tried on (all under SGD50 and there’s a sale on now):





Guess which 2 I ended up buying? I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep them or gift them to my sister. I do have too many clothes… and I have 4 new pieces from ASOS that I’ve just received in the mail heehee…


Couponing: Creative Coloring + Pre-Chemical Protection for Scalp at V HAY-TIQUE SALON

Date: 6 August 2011

Deal: 68% OFF, $48 for Perm / Straightening / Coloring + Scalp Treatment / Wash & Cut + Premium Treatment for ALL Hair Lengths @ NEX Mall (Serangoon MRT)

How it went:

It didn’t go well. I waited a week before blogging about this, thinking that I should give it some time to settle in. Booking an appointment was easy enough, but I still can’t pronounce the name of this salon. I love Nex mall as it’s only about 10 minutes from where I live (1 train stop away) and there are so many shops there. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to this salon again. There are more than 10 hair-dressing salons in this mall alone. This one is in my bad books.

This guy showed me some pictures from magazines but my hair doesn't look anything close

This guy showed me some pictures from magazines but my hair doesn’t look anything close

After paying $48 for this coupon, I still had to top up $50 for a “two-tone” treatment. Mind you, I have very short hair and didn’t they say it’s “Creative Coloring”? What’s so creative if it’s just colouring in 1 shade? I can do it out of a $15 bottle from the pharmacy! It’s been more than a week and it’s just flat red. There are no two-tones and even my colleagues say I’ve been conned. According to the description, this option usually costs $120. So my hair dye job is worth $170?! It doesn’t look that special to me. I had a great hair cut from CHARME and it wasn’t enhanced by this dye job. The hair stylist oversold it when he asked me to pay the extra $50 for two-tone colouring that’d bring out the layers.

There was tea and a choice of magazines.

There was tea and a choice of magazines.

The upside is that they did a better job than EXCLUSIVE HAIR SALON and didn’t injure me or stain my face. They also provided magazines and tea. So I was kinda entertained while I had to sit in the chair for almost an hour. Also, it was very near where I live.

Was it worth $120? Nope! And I paid $98 in total for a stupid dye job that wasn’t anything. It would’ve been worth buying the coupon for $48 – even at this price, they’d have made some profit already. Don’t go to this hair salon unless you really have to. If you’re at Nex, there are many others that are similar and maybe cheaper! Shop for one that is more affordable. Nothing special here.


Couponing: Oxy Miracle Peel + Neck Infusion at Skin Inc

Date: 14 July 2011

Deal: $38 for an Oxy Miracle Peel Treatment + Neck Infusion Treatment at Award Winning Brand, Skin Inc Worth $226

How it went:

Scary! That’s how. I’ll never do another facial with machines ever again! I’ve done Diamond Peel a couple of times and I was scared stiff each time. This Oxy Miracle Peel requires a jet spray of Oxygen (or so they say) all over my face and my neck. It was uncomfortable, ticklish, loud and scary! I was so nervous and I couldn’t relax at all. It made me so tensed up, the therapist had to calm me down a few times.

Other than that, as usual, I fell asleep. I like face massages and I like being in a spa environment. And I’m generally a sleepy pig anyhoos (even though I could hear children shouting outside when we were in the treatment room). This wasn’t a spa but 2 treatment rooms in a shop that sold skincare products. NEX mall at Serangoon is indeed crowded all the time, even on weekday afternoons! I’ve walked past this shop a few times but I didn’t realise they did beauty treatments there because the shop front was full of bottles of serum.

My therapist/consultant Shannie was shocked to see how terrified I was but tried to remain professional. Despite knowing that I might not go back again, she was patient and explained the various treatments and products available. So Skin Inc, huh? They seem to have won many awards. $128 for a bottle of serum that apparently works wonders and can be customised to all your needs. I don’t have a skincare routine and I’m a basic cleanse-wash-sunblock woman, so I listened to her explain. I’m curious and I might go back. Just need to spend a little more time researching about the encapsulated seaweed or whatever product she was talking about. The serums did feel like they were absorbed really quickly and were non-greasy. I am interested in UV protect at least. But prices, prices, prices. A major deterrent there!

So was it worth $226? I’m not sure. There’s an Oxygen jet spraying machine and some “expensive” serums involved. But I was too frightened to enjoy the treatment. Maybe some other women would. I don’t like these hole-in-the-wall facial places. Give me a full-service spa anytime, please!