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Tune-in: The Life Journey 旅行团

If you like Brit Pop and alternative music in general, check out 旅行团 (The Life Journey) from Beijing, China. They sing in both English and Mandarin, so really you don’t have to like Chinese pop or understand Mandarin to love them. You can check them out here

Here are some sample tracks:

回到巴巴拉拉的城堡 – The Life Journey

The Story Of Sun & I – The Life Journey

Take Me Away – The Life Journey

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Tune-in: Playlist of the Moment #19

Just because…

1. Car Song – Elastica

2. Selina – The Dukes

3. Rhumba De Havana – The Dukes

4. Smile – Elastica

5. Hey You – The Exies

6. The Saddest Song – The Ataris

7. Itu Kamu – Estranged

8. Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton

9. Layla – Eric Clapton

10. Isthmus Ivy – Ecrus Garage

So what’s my mood today? Feelin’ it?

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Tune-in: Today’s Soundtrack #5

It’s been a while since I put together a playlist. Today’s soundtrack is for accompanying me as I clean out my room, take pictures of the things I want to sell & sort out my books. Ah… mostly toe-tapping to keep me moving and cheery!

1. So Happy – The Oddfellows

2. Sexual Chocolate – Hot Chip

3. I Want You – Electrico

4. The Bagman’s Gambit – The Decemberists

5. All Eternal Things – Trembling Blue Stars

6. Janie’s Got A Gun – Aerosmith

7. Y.M.C.A. – The Village People

8. Mailman Bring Me No More Blues – Buddy Holly

9. Sometimes I Don’t Get You – Yo La Tengo

10. Band on Every Corner – The Whitlams

11. Nok Pleng – Apartmentkhunpa

12. It Never Happened – The National

13. Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone – Elvis Costello

14. Bukan Rahasia – Dewa

15. Disco Infiltrator – LCD Soundsystem

16. Girls and Boys – Blur

17. Not For All The Love In The World – The Thrills

18. Rhythm Nation – Janet Jackson

19. Times They Are A-Changing – Bob Dylan

20. What a Day For a Daydream – The Lovin’ Spoonfuls

Don’t forget to learn more about the artists after you download the tracks!

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Tune-in: Merry Christmas, y’all

Forget traditional Christmas carols. I don’t get half of them – culturally and religiously out of context for me. I celebrate friends, family and love.

And here’s my alternative playlist (according to iTunes, it’s exactly 1hr worth) – a selection of pop, punk rock, lo-fi and indie tunes!

1. Don’t Shoot Me Santa – The Killers

2. The Night Santa Went Crazy – Weird Al Yankovic

3. Sleigh Ride – Debbie Gibson

4. Anorak Christmas – Sally Shapiro

5. A Chipmunk Christmas – Alvin & The Chipmunks

6. Christmas Time Is Here – Alvin & The Chipmunks

7. I Saw Mommy Fucking Santa Claus – Weird Al Yankovic

8. Merry Christmas Baby – Bruce Springsteen

9. Please Come Home For Christmas – Bon Jovi

10. Blue Christmas – Elvis Presley

11. I Want An Alien For Christmas – Fountains of Wayne

12. I Won’t Be Home For Christmas – Blink 182

13. Man in the Santa Suit – Fountains of Wayne

14. Christmas Tree – Lady Gaga

15. Maybe This Christmas – Ron Sexsmith

16. Christmas Time for My Penis – The Vandals

17. Saving Up Her Wishes (For Another Christmas) – Celestial

18. Step Into Christmas – Elton John

19. Christmas is Cancelled – The Long Blondes

20. Merry Christmas – The Ramones

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Tune-in: Playlist of the Moment #16

Probably the most uninspiring selection to date. But I don’t care. I’m having a headache and this soothes me. I like, you should too. Don’t like, don’t download. kthxbai

1. 好嘴斗 – Kou Chou Ching 拷秋勤

2. Act Of The Apostle – Belle & Sebastian

3. The Stars Of Track And Field – Belle & Sebastian

4. Another Sunny Day – Belle & Sebastian

5. Seeing Other People – Belle & Sebastian

6. Me And The Major – Belle & Sebastian

7. White Collar Boy – Belle & Sebastian

8. Sugar – Bikini Kill

9. I Like Fucking – Bikini Kill

10. Zombie Song – The Besties

Oh Belle & Sebastian, why won’t you come to Singapore?


Packages for my 1st Festive Giveaway

And that's all I have to give away this round

And that's all I have to give away this round

I’ve selected my 100 songs for 2010 and made some special buttons to give away. While I offered 10 such packages, only 3 people replied. Who are the rest of you who read my blog? Hmmm… Anyway, I’ve mailed them out – 2 to Singapore and 1 to Switzerland.

And they look like this:

WastedFashion buttons & mixtapes

WastedFashion buttons & mixtapes

Limited Edition WastedFashion buttons

Limited Edition WastedFashion buttons

3 packages - 1 CD-R & 9 handmade buttons each

3 packages - 1 CD-R & 9 handmade buttons each

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Tune-in: Playlist of the Moment #15

Ate well today. I’m celebrating with the following playlist.

1. Could Have Been A Contender – Ally Kerr

2. If You Found This It’s Probably Too Late – Arctic Monkeys

3. Is She Me – Apartmentkhunpa

4. Mueng U Hoo – Apartmentkhunpa

5. Qing Ren De Yen Lei (Lover’s Tears) – Budak Pantai

6. Betcha By Golly Wow / Say Yes – Budak Pantai

7. You’ve Changed, Baby Girl – Amida

8. I’m Sleeping in a Submarine – Arcade Fire

9. Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) – Arcade Fire

10. Rebellion (Lies) – Arcade Fire

If you download these tracks, it’d be best if you can go listen to these artists LIVE! Catch Budak Pantai ( and Apartmentkhunpa ( in Singapore soon!!!

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Tune-in: Playlist of the Moment #14

I am at work on a Saturday night but things are still good. I had a good productive morning sniffing out bargains with my sisters and I also had a nice girly chat with some colleagues just now. Another 4 more work weeks and it’s 2010! Come January, I have several music concerts to look forward to. I got tickets to M. Nasir & Siti Nurhaliza, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Cat Power and Andrew Bird all in January!

This playlist is dedicated to a more exciting year of music concerts ahead:

1. Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft – The Wedding Present

2. 丟丟思想起 (Beat 武士 Joypack Dream Remix) – Kou Chou Ching 拷秋勤

3. Everybody – New Pants 新裤子

4. Kennedy – The Wedding Present

5. เป็นไปได้ไง – Apartmentkhunpa

6. Crazy For You – Adele

7. Gold Lion – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

8. Higher – Andrew Chen

9. Poor Places – Wilco

10. Date With The Night – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Andrew Chen, Kou Chou Ching and Apartmentkhunpa are playing at the Mosaic Music Festival in March 2010 by the way. If you download their music, do come for their shows because nothing beats hearing it live!

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Tune-in: Playlist of the Moment #13

We’ve come to the end of November. Hello December… You’ve come way too fast. November has been a month filled with too many activities – be still my heart. Emotionally, it has been a rollercoaster too. But this is a place for frivolous things, so let’s skip the heartwrenchers.


I watched

  • Duck & Dive! The Ugly Duckling & The Frog Prince by I Theatre on the 8th
  • Victor/Victoria by Zebra Crossing on the 10th
  • The Jungle Book by The Little Company on the morning of the 26th and then Beethovan Festival: Ode to Joy by SSO in the evening
  • the Buzzcocks rocking out at Zirca on the 27th
  • Romance of the Bansuri by Rakesh Chaurasia on the 28th
  • Odissi by Madhavi Mudgal

Had tickets for Maksim on the 18th but didn’t go because of a death in the family. Excluding the other free children’s performances I watched, I think I did quite well this month. I just want to point out to myself that I am thankful for my job because it allows me to mix work with pleasure.


So here’s a playlist in the spirit of THANKSGIVING,

1. Well, What Do You Know – The Standards

2. Jimmy Is A Live Wire – The Standards

3. Seberapa Pantas – Sheila On 7

4. 1979 – The Smashing Pumpkins

5. Juicebox – The Strokes

6. Only With You – Teenage Fanclub

7. Sour – Typewriter

8. I Love Vodka – Tabasco

9. Is This It? – The Strokes

10. Someday – The Strokes

Support the arts, support artists, go watch their shows!

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Tune-in: Playlist of the Moment #12

Today is a pretty good day. I feel loved and I’ll make an extra effort to stop this self-indulging sulking. I’m not exactly sure why I’ve been so moody or mopey but people around me are taking time to talk to me, cheer me up, buy little gifts – when I haven’t done anything to deserve it.

Yesterday 10 of my colleagues bought a boxful of gifts to surprise me, including: Berocca effervescent tablets, Smencils gourmet scented pencils (in Black Cherry), a Toadstool mushroom sharpener cum eraser from Accessorize, Sally Hansen No More Mistakes Manicure Clean-up Pen, a black & pink polka dotted coin purse from Accessorize (with S$1 inside for me to buy fruit from the vending machine), Bourjois So Laque! Ultra Shine nail polish (in Fuschia hype), Bourjois Fan effect brush nail polish in a blackish green, pick n mix bags of worms and gummy candies and also 21st Century Chewy Vitamin C!

Today Natalie bought me my favourite breakfast snacks (fried carrot cake & prawn fritters) from Pick&Bite in Marina Square, Luanne offered to pay for a pedicure (I politely declined because I was wearing the wrong shoes) and Pearlyn bought me yoghurt as well as chocolate truffle cake! 

My friends are so awesome and patient even though I’ve been so quiet and moody lately. It’s moments like these where you feel that maybe life isn’t that bad. I meet awesome people everywhere I go and I’m surrounded by people who genuinely care. People do things for me without asking and just because they want to. It’s weird to feel special but I like it.

I dedicate today’s playlist to lovely people:

1. November ’91 – Padres

2. Don’t Cry – Naked

3. Everything In Its Right Place – Radiohead

4. Water – Padres

5. Diana – The Misfits

6. Kiss In The Dark – Padres

7. This Nite – Samurai Loud

8. Crimson Ghost – The Misfits

9. Permanent Daylight (live) – Radiohead

10. Fake Plastic Trees – Radiohead