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Fat-shionista #525


How do you store your bags? Hiking backpacks, shopping totes, small irregular-shaped clutches, handbags of every manner… HOW?! I didn’t bring all my bags with me when I moved to Las Vegas. Some were given to friends who really liked them, some went to my sister, some I managed to sell… BUT I still have quite a few that I eventually brought over.

Today I was trying to tidy our tiny walk-in closet to make sure that I know what I have and that they’re still in good condition. So for those with dust bags, they are carefully placed in their respective bags and stacked. The ones without, if I’m able to find a Ziplock big enough, they get zipped up then stacked. The others unfortunately just sit in my empty suitcase forgotten until I have to empty the suitcase for travels. It is not ideal at all…

I thought this would be a great time for me to start documenting the bags in my modest collection because most of my outfit posts do not feature my bags at all. So here goes…


What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Brown Bird Tea dress from SOHOMODE

Bottom: Peach Meringue petticoat from DOMINO DOLLHOUSE

Accessories: Lilac acrylic statement necklace from TALISMAN’S (at Far East Plaza)

Bag: Black kiss-clasp purse from PAUL FRANK

Footwear: Black wedge pumps from ZIPIA

Absolutely love this old-fashioned purse with a kitsch twist! Bought it off eBay several years ago for a steal! I haven’t been able to find any more 😦 Most of the Paul Frank bags on eBay are knockoffs or overpriced. This is one of those really well-made authentic pieces. I always get asked about it when I bring it out.


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My Stuff: Licorice Kiss Lock from Uyii

I am so happy with this purchase that I am going to buy another for my sister’s birthday! I chanced upon Uyii whilst looking at indie crafters on Facebook. Click click click and I ended up on their website.

I like that it’s made in Singapore. Yay! I like that it’s free next day shipping in Singapore. Yay yay!! And I love that you can easily personalize it! Yay yay yay!!!

Despite it being in the “small things” section of their shop, it’s quite a roomy purse and I’ve stuffed a card case, lipstick, iPhone and some money in it to test. Great lunch purse, I must say!

And you know me, I don’t buy expensive stuff. I’m glad that this only cost me SGD31 in all!