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Couponing: Eyelash Perming Session at Shine Nail Beauty

Date: 1 August 2011

Deal: $20 for 45 min Eyelash Perming Session at Shine Nail Beauty (Worth $68)

How it went:

POMO was fairly accessible. It’s one of those malls on the edge of town – not too far from everywhere else. I also located the shop easily. It was quite near the escalator so when you reached level 3, you’re almost there. The shop was manned by several middle-aged Chinese ladies who spoke a rather strange dialect – Hakka? Hainanese? Throughout my treatment, I kept hearing them talk. One would come in and say something and the other who was attending to me just chit-chatted. No privacy there!

Anyway, the layout of the shop was strange. It was long (not small, but I didn’t get to see the entire place) and messy. I was told to remove my shoes and just leave it there. No where in particular, just a finger pointing in the general vicinity of a table and some chairs where other people’s shoes were strewn around too. Like a house?

The room that I was in was basically a partitioned area just big enough for a treatment bed, a lamp and a chair. I reckon it was less than 1.5m wide. But because I went after work, it was rather quiet and I managed to nap (after my eye stopped tearing and the 2 women stopped talking around my head). It wasn’t the most comfortable treatment and my eyes were obviously irritated by whatever perming lotion she used. It smelt bad too! She also used some plastic clips to hold my lashes in place but she clipped so close that it clamped onto my eyelids. My eyes couldn’t stop tearing and I was literally crying. Even when I got home, my eyes were bloodshot red. Not a good sign. Either I’m too ultra sensitive and shouldn’t perm my lashes again OR she didn’t do a good job.

Curly lashes at the expense of bloodshot eyes

Curly lashes at the expense of bloodshot eyes

Was it worth $68? Maybe. I’m not sure. Let’s see how long this perm lasts and if my eyelashes start dropping off. Heh. Definitely though, $20 was pretty reasonable I think (possibly going blind non-withstanding).