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5 Pairs of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Okay confession time. I went shoe shopping again. I couldn’t help it. I came across a gorgeous pair of heels online and I caved. Some women go weak in the knees for fragrances, some for handbags, and some for shoes. Guess which camp I’m in?

At least I don’t have a bag obsession. That would definitely not sit well wit my wallet. Shoes, I can manage…

confessions of a shopaholic

I think.

Speaking of managing got me thinking: if I had to narrow down my shoe collection to just 5 pairs of shoes, which would I keep? So I made a list.

5 pairs of shoes every woman should own:

  1. Killer Heels
  2. Sneakers
  3. Flats
  4. Sandals
  5. Boots

Killer Heels


Every woman needs to own at least one pair of heels in their arsenal to completing a wardrobe. Also they’re pretty much a rite of passage even if you’re not going to be seen in them every single day of the year. I mean, look at Victoria’s Secret model Doutzen Kroes above! I’m not saying I look like that when I’m in heels, but the confidence comes through, you know?

All my life, my mother has preached the importance of wearing heels and vehemently stand by (and in) them till today at age 60. I’m the tallest among the women in my family – by that I mean, my mother and sisters are all shorter than my 5′ 0″. The addition of the extra height that heels provides has been much welcomed for us. And I know my husband who’s almost 6′ tall appreciates it when I’m standing next to him.

I remember my first pair, thrust into my hands like the wand of transformation to adulthood. The change was palpable. I felt all grown up in my big girl shoes. Heels make you stand taller – literally and figuratively. You walk different, you look different.

Up till now, heels remain my go-to footwear when I want to look my very best.



Tell me how effortlessly cool Nicole Ritchie looks in her all-black ensemble. Comfort and chic all at once – even on Mummy duty!

Sneakers make you the go-to girl for everything! There’s just something about them that makes you look instantly approachable and capable. And we all need our days off from heels.




My everyday shoes? Flats. See how Anne Hathaway looks polished in a jeans and tweed jacket combo, and did a classic Audrey in an LBD with her black flats? Flats as we know today, after all originated from ballet flats and are one of the most feminine footwear a woman can wear. Just throw on a pair of capris, a simple boat-necked striped shirt and flats… voila! Parisian chic – nailed!



I can see some of you curling your lips already. Sandals have a reputation of giving you a lazy and unpolished appearance BUT they are one of the most comfortable things you can possibly wear.

Besides, if Supermodel Gisele Bundchen can look this hot in sandals, so can you.




Boots are great for talking the edge off a too-sweet ensemble and injecting some character into an outfit. I love how Rachel Bilson throws a spin on a flirty red floral dress and instantly exudes the air of a rocker chick with those combat boots!

So? What do you think? Am I right or am I right? Look at your shoe closet now and see if you have everything! If not, go complete your collection!!!



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Where to shop in Far East Plaza

Far East Plaza is a treasure trove for me and I’ve been shopping there regularly since the late 80s! Does Lips Enterprise ring a bell?

I had this conversation with 2 colleagues in the pantry while munching on chocolates a few days ago. Marlene liked the cord necklace I was wearing and when I told her it was from Far East Plaza, she said she loved shopping there. Samrina said her problem was that it gets rather confusing and she often doesn’t know where to start. So tah dah! I’m recommeding some shops that you should go visit!

These 3 shops have been my MUST-GO whenever I’m at Far East Plaza. Singapore isn’t so much plus-sized friendly for clothes as it is for budget accessories and shoes. More often than not, I shop online for the convenience and range. With Paypal and credit cards, the world is your mall! But I find that you can’t stop going to the shops as physically being at the brick and motar stores is a great way of finding out what else is available and getting tactile with your hands. Very often, I find that stuff look better in person than online or in photos. I also love digging into past seasons’ old stock for treasures nobody else wants.

So amongst the many many many bargain-conscious and trendy shops at Far East Plaza, here are the 3 shops I always check out first! In alphabetical order:

1. The Blackground

Far East Plaza, #04-117


This is the physical shop for the popular Singapore blogshop Indiesin. Their online store carries a wider range than the shop itself and in the time that they’ve had their shop, the space they now operate out of has doubled in size! I’ve purchased a tote bag, some statement necklaces, bangles and too many rings from them.

2. Fonda

Far East Plaza, #03-50C


This shop is like a hole in the wall compared to The Blackground, though their prices are also slightly lower than The Blackground. It can get rather messy but they’ve so far been cool with my rummaging. Buy more than a few pieces and don’t be afraid of asking for a discount. My favourite things here are necklaces and earrings!

3. Talisman’s

Far East Plaza, #03-116/132


This is by far the largest of all the shops I frequent at Far East Plaza. If you grew up in Singapore, you’d be familiar with Chameleon and Talisman’s is somewhat similar. They have a crazy number of interesting things I don’t buy but like looking at – party accessories and novelty specs (imagine the NYE countdown types or those without lenses), facinators (those little hats with the veil you see at horse races) and tons of hats (berets, pillbox hats, straw hats etc). The last time I went, they had a huge range of 3 for SGD10 statement necklaces which I loved and bought.

And there you have it – my top 3 recommendations for shopping at Far East Plaza. But there are so many new shops popping up every so often and a short wander into the backlanes usually turns up unexpected finds too. If you have time, explore! How about a challenge? What can you get for SGD50 at Far East Plaza?


New shoes from PAZZION

BLING!! So pretty!

I almost became my Mum! I couldn’t decide between the Pewter and the delicate Rose Gold! I decided against being practical and bought what I thought was really pretty. I’d have gotten both if a) I had space b) I had an extra S$76 to spare. The good thing is, they’re actually pretty soft and comfortable. Buy a size or 2 up though, pretty narrow cutting.

New shoes from PAZZION at Marina Square

New shoes from PAZZION at Marina Square

Can't believe I own diamante shoes

Can't believe I own diamante shoes

So shiny, so pretty, so comfy!

So shiny, so pretty, so comfy!

My right foot is much wider than my left but it looks ok here I think

My right foot is much wider than my left but it looks ok here I think

I felt fabulous when I was looking at my feet... heehee

I felt fabulous when I was looking at my feet... heehee

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Fat-shionista #31

I woke up today thinking the most exciting thing that’d happen is the Yeah Yeah Yeahs show I’m going to watch tonight. Then I got to hang out with Cat Power & her band…

Badges - Jem... truly truly truly outrageous!

Badges - Jem... truly truly truly outrageous!

Skull Head Shoes & Purple tights!

Skull Head Shoes & Purple tights!

Purple tights & a crazy purple print tunic top from FRENCH CONNECTION

Purple tights & a crazy purple print tunic top from FRENCH CONNECTION

Purple eyeshadow from MAC - Stars 'N' Rockets

Purple eyeshadow from MAC - Stars 'N' Rockets

Intensified the colour with wet-application... crazy colours for work!

Intensified the colour with wet-application... crazy colours for work!


What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Purple crazy print tunic top as dress from FRENCH CONNECTION

Leggings: Purple footless tights from CALZEDONIA

Footwear: Skull Head Pumps from TRACYEINNY

Badges: Thought is Free from SHAKESPEARE’S GLOBE THEATRE; Purple TATE from TATE MODERN; Pink JEM & I heart Geek – my own! (

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Fat-shionista: Christmas Shoes

They are not shoes for Christmas but a gift from Junmin! Christmas came early for me this year. They’re not only a great fit but perfectly my style! Fabulous!

Actually, this day started quite badly. My door knob got stuck and the catch refused to retract with I turned it. I got locked in my room for close to half an hour before my mother sent someone to break it open. I refused to climb out the window to get to my sister’s room – I still think it’s a silly suggestion. Trust my mother to come up with something like that.

So anyway, THE SHOES!!

Skull Head Pumps

Skull Head Pumps from Junmin!

Size 38 - how did she know!!? Perfect fit!

Size 38 - how did she know!!? Perfect fit!

Thanks, Junmin!

Thanks, Junmin!

If you’re interested, the shoes are from here