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Fat-shionista #487


Today was the 2013 Singapore Blog Awards and it was an eye-opener for both myself and Nat Pixiedub. We were completely lost when we got there and didn’t know what to expect. Luckily we had the orientation of a regular at these things, Rynaque, whom I’ve never met till today. She knew who was whom and it was amazing – a whole new world that I never knew existed. I’m going to check out the winning blogs soon. I didn’t know that there are bloggers who get treated like celebrities and are pretty big deals. Pixiedub and I behaved badly throughout the ceremony. We spent a lot of time heckling people and trying to act cute/demure/puke-worthy. But it was quite fun.



So anyway… Though I was one of the 10 finalists for Best Fashion Blog, I didn’t win. I whispered to Rynaque and told her my theory is that because Levi’s was the sponsor and they didn’t carry plus sizes. Heehee… Please read my friend Evelyn’s blog. She was nominated for the Best Family Blog and didn’t win even though I thought she should have!

What I’m wearing today:

Top: Grey tee from US indie band Tennis

Bottom: Black custom tea length tulle skirt from MTcoffinzUnderground on etsy

Accessories: Blue plastic hoop earrings from Nanairo (the $2 shop at Liang Court); Neon pink bow belt from H&M; Black calculator watch from CASIO; Orange hair bow from thestreetsofBangkok (gift from T)

Bag: Purple/white polka dot handmade clutch from Wishful Thinking Studios on etsy (gift from Tamares)

Footwear: Black square stud P. Galia loafers from Steve Madden

As you can see, I completely went against the 60s theme for #omySBA2013 but apparently so did many others who could not tell one vintage from another. Lots of “Staying Alive” and Disco… tsk tsk


Fat-shionista #470

As part of the Singapore Blog Awards, the finalists are asked to create a special themed post for submission. The theme? 60s fever!

I love the 60s. It was a great time for fashion and music. And if you know me, music is a huge part of my life, especially since I’ve been depending on it to make a living for the last 6 1/2 years.

I love The Beatles, Cliff Richard and The Shadows, The Velvet Underground, The Yardbirds, Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Who, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan… omg the list can go on. Did you know that some consider music of the 60s in Singapore to be the first wave of our local music scene? It was a golden and glorious time. The Quests, Naomi and the Boys, The Cyclones, The Crescendos, The Thunderbirds, Shirley Nair and the Silver Strings, Henry Suriya & The Boys, Sonny Bala & The Moonglows, Mike & Herb – check out Joseph C Pereira’s 2 books on music of the 60s in Singapore – Legends of the Golden Venus as well as his lastest publication Apache Over Singapore (part 1 of a 2-parter) to bask in the heyday of a time gone by where live music was everywhere on the shores of our little island and Singapore bands had sell-out tours all over Southeast Asia.

How about a hit song from The Quests from 1964? “SHANTY” not only broke through local charts in Singapore but also knocked The Beatles off their No 1 spot!

I love this song from the 60s Singaporean band, The Thunderbirds. Their frontman Derrick Fitzgerald’s daughter Melissa is now continuing her father’s legacy and to hear her talk about inheriting her love for music (and talent) from her father, then performing this song LIVE, was something else altogether.

My mother was a teenager in the late-60s and while I didn’t inherit my love of music from her, I sure enjoyed the fashions from that era via her old photos. I love the psychedelic prints, indecently short skirts, platform shoes and gogo boots. (Mum’s the one on the extreme right in the other 2 photos.)


While I do a lot of 1950s style swing dresses (ala Stepford Wives/Mad Men) with the big calf-length skirts, I also love the Mod look of the 60s i.e. the short shift dresses. I don’t ride scooters and I’m no Twiggy though.

Never to copy a style in its entirety (unless it’s a costume party lah), here’s my spin on the theme with an authentic 1960s house dress I bought off etsy! (How adorable are the pockets and rickrack trims?) If this was the 60s, the dress would be 1-2 inches shorter, I’d pair it with white opaque leggings and gogo boots OR crazy platform sandals, false eyelashes upper and lower lids and THE HAIR! Big bouffant 60s hair! But since this is 2013… here’s what I’m wearing today:

Dress: Purple 60s rickrack house dress from Ms. Tips Vintage on

Leggings: Teal stockings from UNIQLO

Accessories: Lime green beaded hoop earrings from SIX Accessories; Stack of 4 plastic bangles from PRIMARK (gift from my pal Tamares)

Footwear: Beige floral print DM-lookalike mary janes sandals from MKS Shoes (purchased at Loubelle Shop in Bandung)




Thanks for the snaps, Sianny!!



Fat-shionista #468

Hello I’m back and have you heard? I’ve been nominated for the Singapore Blog Awards 2013! I’m one of the top 10 finalists for the Levi’s Best Fashion Blog so please vote for me! Online voting constitutes 30% of the score. And you can vote once a day, everyday until 23 June 2013! I dedicate this to all the fat girls who make things happen for themselves. Style comes in size fat and you better believe it!

Today, I’m wearing a dress that I think I’ll wear very often from now onwards. I can’t believe I took so long with this one. Totally in love with this ASOS Midi Dress (yes, I realise it’s a maxi on me). The jersey fabric is super soft and I can see myself sleeping in it. Unfortunately though, I’m so short (1.53m) that the dress is a tad too long (Ryd says I look like a pilgrim) and the sleeves need to be folded so that my hands can move. I bought it in a UK16 and it’s less than SGD30! SCORE! With ASOS’s free shipping too! w00t!

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Grey Midi Dress with long sleeves from ASOS

Accessories: Red plastic pencil sharpener earrings and Multi-coloured long airplane necklace from Bitsch Kitsch; Fuchsia bangle from Sonia Rykiel pour H&M

Footwear: Brown distressed faux leather booties from RUBI SHOES