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Fat-shionista: Christmas Shoes

They are not shoes for Christmas but a gift from Junmin! Christmas came early for me this year. They’re not only a great fit but perfectly my style! Fabulous!

Actually, this day started quite badly. My door knob got stuck and the catch refused to retract with I turned it. I got locked in my room for close to half an hour before my mother sent someone to break it open. I refused to climb out the window to get to my sister’s room – I still think it’s a silly suggestion. Trust my mother to come up with something like that.

So anyway, THE SHOES!!

Skull Head Pumps

Skull Head Pumps from Junmin!

Size 38 - how did she know!!? Perfect fit!

Size 38 - how did she know!!? Perfect fit!

Thanks, Junmin!

Thanks, Junmin!

If you’re interested, the shoes are from here