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Fat-shionista #565


Do you shop online? When I lived in Singapore, I shopped on eBay for gently used on-trend clothes that were within my budget and also my size. Then I discovered etsy and I not only bought a lot of vintage dresses but I started ordering custom-made ones – each dress would cost between US60 – 150. After that, I went through a clothes copying phase where I bought cheap and cute fabric from textile shops in Singapore then getting local tailors to replicate my favourite dresses. These days, I have little desire to go through all that trouble – partly because I’m now a housewife and I don’t have anywhere to go, partly because I feel like my money could be put elsewhere (like *koffkoff* the mortgage payments of our home). It doesn’t hurt that I now live in Las Vegas and we’re not far from the outlet malls… heehee..

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Custom-made dress from LaMadeleine on

Outerwear: Silver cropped cardigan from DELIA*S

Accessories: Pink frosted cookie brooch from TwinkieChan on

Bag: Black & white patent leather dog cross body bag from EASYTRADE2099 on eBay

Footwear: Turquoise classic sneakers from SUPERGA



Fat-shionista #492

I’m wearing something I just wore recently (omg *gasp*). It’s really versatile and I really do love how it fits. Also, it has POCKETS! A tunic top/dress thing with pockets! As you can see, I didn’t bother ironing it after I got it off the line. It’s not doing too badly in my opinion. Also, I’ve been trying to find a way to feature this belt that my pal Ryddy gave me a few weeks back. It’s really cute and I love the buckle – the white leather skinny belt made it that little bit difficult though. I don’t like white in general so I didn’t have a clue how to wear this one. I hope it works though!

This MS. READ round-neck, long tabbed-sleeved tunic retails for SGD89 (only SGD69 if you flash the special wastedfashion SGD20 off flyer (when making purchase) from now till 31 July 2013. Also, if you’re interested in other specials, check out this page where I’ve listed all the discount codes you should use when shopping!

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Blue tunic with tabbed sleeves from MS. READ

Accessories: Black calculator watch from CASIO; White skinny belt with Red lips buckle from ZARA; Black hairbow with paint splatter prints from thestreetsofbangkok

Leggings: Black tights with blue/pink hearts from TOPSHOP

Footwear: Pink sparkly ALL STAR stretch lace shoes from CONVERSE



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Fat-shionista #475

The Frills and Fancies GIVEAWAY Post!

All my accessories are up for grabs! If you have been following my last few posts, you would know that Frills and Fancies has been sponsoring them and all my readers (worldwide) stand a chance to win them!

There are 4 items up to choose from:

  1. Penalope headband
  2. Ann necklace
  3. Heather headdress
  4. Janice infinity bracelet


4 winners will be chosen at random by Samantha!

Submissions end 23 June 2013!

What I’m wearing today:

Top: Black tee from Thai band APARTMENTKHUNPA

Bottom: Black custom tea length tulle skirt from MTcoffinzUnderground

Accessories: Pink pixel-esque PENALOPE headband, Neon plastic chainlinks ANN necklace and Blue/Orange/Pink JANICE infinity bracelet from Frills and Fancies

Footwear: Pink runners from NIKE



Frills & Fancies will be at St James Powerhouse for the BLOGSHOP FESTIVAL on 29th June 2013, 1pm – 7pm.

  • Mention the “wastedfashion discount” to get 15% off all products!! ALL PRODUCTS!!
  • If you fancy, Samantha has 2 pairs (4 tixs) of tickets for immediate entry into the club for the BLOGSHOP FESTIVAL to give away. Skip the queue and enter immediately with these tickets. LIKE the Frills & Fancies facebook page and say “Give me tickets to St. James Powerhouse Flea Market, please” by 14th June 2013.

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Fat-shionista #326

It has been pouring for the last few hours and I tried to dress for the weather when I left the house.

Dress: Grey ‘The Strokes’ t-shirt dress from MANUSUTI on eBay

Accessories: Colourful shards necklace from LOUCHE

Outerwear: Beige light long jacket from DELIAS

Leggings: Bright cyan leggings from leggingsworld*2010 on eBay

Footwear: Pink NIKE Free Hyper TR sneakers




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Singapore Expo Bargains

After yesterday’s trip, I went back to Singapore Expo with my 2 sisters this morning. We went to the L’Oreal Warehouse Sale, the Penguin Books Warehouse Sale and the Sports & Fitness Expo. My youngest sister zoomed in on the chick lit books at $3 each and ended up buying a ton of them.

Here’re most of our combined purchases

The sum of 3 sisters grabbing a bargain

The sum of 3 sisters grabbing a bargain

I couldn’t resist and picked out more books. This time, my youngest sister picked up the tab… mwahahahaha! I had a $3 limit for most of my purchases but I couldn’t help but “SPLASH OUT” S$8 for The Widows of Eastwick by John Updike.

My Day 2 purchases from the Penguin Books Warehouse Sale

My Day 2 purchases from the Penguin Books Warehouse Sale

I stumbled onto the L’Oreal Warehouse Sale by accident yesterday when I went to Singapore Expo with Natalie, Tamares and Sharon during our lunch break. I told my sisters about it and after some research by my younger sister who checked out bloggers who’ve already done the sale, she gave it her stamp of approval.

Good deals! We bought quite a number of things to last us the next 6 months. Seeing that we share most of our things (including toiletries in the 2 bathrooms), I’d say we’re on the winning side of economies of scale!

All of these are my picks - though most will be shared

All of these are my picks - though most will be shared

1. Garnier hair dye – 2 for S$10

2. L’oreal Feria hair dye – 2 for S$15

3. Visible Results face mask – S$10 for 1 box

4. Maybelline Mousse blush pots – 2 for S$10

5. L’oreal Make-up cleansing cloths – S$10 for a pack of 40 sheets

6. L’oreal Shocking Volume mascara – S$10 for 1

7. Maybelline nail polish remover – S$5 for 1 bottle

8. L’oreal mineral make-up – S$10 for 2

9. Garnier body scrub – S$10 for 2

10. Garnier facial wash – S$10 for 2 (bundled with freebie)

11. L’oreal Elseve shampoo (travel size) – S$1 for 1

Other than that, I bought 3 pairs of socks for $10 from the New Balance booth at the Sports & Fitness Expo right next door. My youngest sister scored a really good pair of black sneakers for $40 and some running tops/t-shirts.