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Fat-shionista #516


This is what I wore yesterday when I had to get some lab work done at the doctor’s office (i.e. blood work for my diabetes). It’s not quite summer yet but there are some days where it’s so hot here, it might as well be Summer – I’m talking about 40degC days… Can die lah! So while I do slap on the sunscreen – especially on my face, even when I’m just home ALL DAY, I cannot layer up anymore. I bare arms and legs to the unforgiving desert sun in Nevada.

What I wore yesterday:

Top: Rainbow mosaic tank top from H&M

Bottoms: Light blue cuffed denim shorts from OLD NAVY

Accessories: Red beads and cowry shell necklace from herphotoblog by Seraphina & Co; Fuchsia bangle from Sonia Rykiel pour H&M; Brown cat-eye shades from RAY BAN; Black pleather weave belt from thestreetsofbangkok

Footwear: Taupe sueded ballet flats from OLD NAVY


As you can tell from the most recent outfit posts, I haven’t really plonked down any moolah for new stuff lately. Partly because I’m always home and I haven’t got anywhere to wear these nice, new things to (YET); and because I’ve got so many clothes that I haven’t had the chance really maximise what I already own (I did give 2 bags away to the nearby Goodwill).

But style is style, it doesn’t require NEW and TRENDY things ALL THE TIME. When I was a school teacher, I was so obese and broke (and clueless) that I had maybe all of 4 outfits that I rotated in and out all year long. It was as if I was also required to wear a uniform like the students. And I know a number of my ex-students read this blog – AREN’T YOU GLAD THOSE DAYS ARE OVER? You don’t have to see me wearing clunky Doc Marts with black trousers and untucked long-sleeved collared shirts anymore!


The SmartBuyGlasses Giveaway

*EDIT – This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to Kasia!
As if those awesome Ray Bans weren’t enough! I have a pair of sexy shades to share with my readers (local and international)! Aren’t we lucky? Thank you SmartBuyGlasses for sponsoring this post! This giveaway will run from 6 October 2012 (SGT 1800hrs) and end on 27 October 2012 (SGT 1800hrs).
The winner will win a pair of  UNISEX Vogue sunglasses worth C$99.00 from SmartBuyGlasses.


Here are the requirements to enter the giveaway:
  1. Like SmartBuyGlasses Canada:
  2. Follow SmartBuyGlasses Canada on Twitter: @SBG_CA
  3. On the SmartBuyGlasses Twitter, answer to this question : “what’s your favourite pair”?

I have progressed to using a fancy-smancy widget for this giveaway! You can chalk up chances your way! Unfortunately Rafflecopter is not compatible with WordPress, so instead you should
Click HERE to enter

If you’ve entered using different userIDs, be sure to let me know in the comment below!


My Stuff: Sunnies


Sunglasses, sunnies, shades, dark glasses or whatever you fancy… I live on a tropical island and it’s practically summer all year round, so I have the perfect excuse owning so many pairs! Up till now, I only have the super cute but el-cheapo ones that I buy on sale. They’re cute and I was frankly, really happy with them… that is, until I found out the importance of good ones! (Read: HowStuffWorks “Cheap vs Expensive Sunglasses”) Cheap sunnies may look identical to pricier ones, but you are most likely foregoing the benefits of shading your eyes and in the long-run, hurting yourself. Unless your goal is merely to accessorize, then erm… well I guess go ahead and amass a large number of funky and inexpensive ones to match your wardrobe. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! The difference might just save your sight! And you know, vision problems in aging adults are on the rise, so why add to these issues?

With all that said, I have learnt the errors of my ways and I am repentant! Presenting… style and function… TAH DAH! MY NEW SUNNIES from Ray Ban! They look great on and are a brand I can definitely trust!

I’d like to thank SmartBuyGlasses for this fab pair of sunglasses! I love how the shape of the frames is so flattering and it sits right on my East Asian face. The brown tint of the lenses are just right – not too dark and I can still see clearly when I go underground, so I don’t have to remove them, walk through the tunnel, and put them back on again when it’s bright out. As you can see, they also included a lens cleaning kit – with a lint-free cloth for cleaning, some cleaning fluid and a screwdriver (how handy is that!?). It came really well-packaged, within the mailing envelope, there was a white box and bubble wrap, then the original Ray Ban packaging (and authentication tags). The order was put in on 12 September and I received it on 1 October! In that time, SmartBuyGlasses sent me no less than 4 emails to keep me notified about the order and I actually could keep track of where it was!


Do check out SmartBuyGlasses if you’re intending to get a pair of shades or eyeglasses!