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Throwback Thursday #21



This is me. Aged about 1 and looking like a boy. I’m almost sure this is my mother’s old office in Rangoon Road. I hung out a lot at my parents’ work places when I was growing up because well… family business. And my Aunty Connie used to babysit me and sing me lullabies in a little air-conditioned backroom there until I was in kindergarten. #tbt

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Throwback Thursday #20

IMG_9961I was about 9 in this photo and my sister Rachel was 4. I can’t remember what our old Shih Tzu was called. Darn! And it ran away one day when the gate was open 😦 Anyway, this is our house before the major renovation. It was an old house built in the 1960s and it was well over 20 years old by the time we took this photo. #tbt

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Throwback Thursday #18

Here’s me at about age 2 – the meanest little girl biker on the block! It’s probably Chinese New Year or Mid-Autumn festival. These chinoiserie things have always been sorta costume-y for special occasions. Anyway, I still have that top. Found it a couple of years ago while going through a spring cleaning frenzy. I’m surprised it’s still in very good condition although it’s yellowed a little – hey it’s over 30 years old and was kept in an unforgiving high humidity tropical climate, okay! Omg I have a huge head. #tbt