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Fat-shionista #391

Today’s WTFW really is pulled together because I love the cupcake print of my new ASOS blouse. I don’t think it works though. How would you wear it? It looks quite ill-fitting and shapeless on me, no? I bought it in a UK16 and that’s my usual size. The purple tank dress is something I wear often for layering. I’ve worn it so many different ways! I love how it’s so versatile! It’s definitely one of those travelling must-brings!

Thanks Wen Rui for the snaps!

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Purple tank dress from TOPSHOP

Top: Cupcake print peplum blouse from ASOS

Accessories: Fat necklace from Fancy Lady Industries; Lightning bolt necklace from WICKED LAUNDRY (Haji Lane); Black noose string earrings from ISLAND SHOP

Leggings: Black crochet lace tights from DOROTHY PERKINS

Footwear: Brown distressed leather boots from RUBI SHOES






And say hello to my photographer!!


Fat-shionista: My Style

I think fashion and me, we’re a joke. I don’t follow fashion, I don’t get it and fashionable things never fit me. Can’t really say I’m stylish either but I suppose I have my own.

If I had to describe it, I’d have to say eclectic, quirky and maybe bordering on costumey.

I love mass market brands as much as I love handmade, as much as I love vintage. I’m not a snob that way and neither am I worried about being labelled or pigeon-holed. Feel free to call me a hipster/clown/bag lady/disaster, I don’t care.

I like leggings more than I like jeans or trousers. I know I can definitely do bright colours. I love accessories. I am round and lumpy but I refuse to use painful control underwear to enhance my silhouette. I am more often than not, a bargain hunter. I am also mindful not to wear anything in season because I am afraid someone else might wear it better than I do (and they also do anyway). Hence… the madness that is below: