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Fat-shionista #427

Hey! It’s the last WHAT THE FROCK WEDNESDAY! I’m cheating though. These photos were taken on Monday, 24 December 2012. I’ve taken leave from work to help Luanne and Iman paint their new house, so I won’t be in a dress…

Thanks Sian Eng for taking these photos!!

What I’m wearing today (wore on Monday, I mean):

Dress: Cream Aki Goth Mini dress from HELL BUNNY

Accessories: Pearls and skulls necklace from DIVA ACCESSORIES

Footwear: Black square studs loafers from STEVE MADDEN




I love that this dress has pockets! And oh yeah… Enjoy the sneak peek of my new, incomplete tattoo… This was done in 4hrs – my pain threshold kinda gave way after that. My next session is on 4 Jan 2013.


Fat-shionista #426

It’s the 2nd last WTFW of the year! Here’s a quick one taken by Tamares!

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Custom brown bird tea dress from SOHOMODE

Skirt: Peach meringue petticoat from DOMINO DOLLHOUSE

Accessories: Floral shabby chic necklace from ACCESSORIZE; Black “Princess” herkimer diamond ring from GGORIGINAL on etsy

Footwear: Nude hidden wedge pumps from FROMTHEHEEL on eBay





Fat-shionista #424

It’s another WTFW and we are counting down to the last 2 What The Frock Wednesdays! I haven’t repeated a single dress yet. (I have to be honest and say that I’ve probably gotten rid of half the dresses I’ve featured in WTFW since it started and also bought new ones. But hey! We’re all about promoting frivolity and spending the money we deservingly earned, right?)

I absolutely love this dress and it’s my 2nd SOHOMODE dress! (I actually have 1 more that I might wear tomorrow!)

Thank you, Sian Eng for taking these photos!

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Brown polka-dotted 50s-style tea dress from SOHOMODE

Accessories: Black calculator watch from CASIO; White & gold metal/bead vintage necklace from eBay

Footwear: Brown hidden wedge pumps from ZIPIA



ps Follow me on my Facebook page as I open my one-a-day 12 Days of Christmas Swop gifts from Janet! I have been making unwrapping video logs and it’s a one-take, no-edit thing! Raw and authentic! Heh heh


Fat-shionista #423

It’s the first WTFW for the last month of this year and I haven’t yet repeated any dresses since I started. Another few more to go!

Quick one today. Frivolity is hard. How do people find time to blog?! Even though this takes me only 10 minutes (from photo taking to uploading text), I’m getting a little tired and am finding it a chore. *breathe*

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Custom unicorn print dress from CANDIED STARFISH on etsy

Outerwear: Pink cropped cardigan from WAREHOUSE

Accessories: T-Rex fossil necklace from MANNEQUIN PLASTIC; Pink heart ring from SIXX; Black plastic bow ring from DIVA; Ice cream cone ring from INDIESIN

Bag: Pink & Purple BETSEYVILLE animal print bag from BETSEY JOHNSON

Footwear: Pink sparkly ALL STAR stretch lace shoes from CONVERSE





Fat-shionista #421

I’m not sure what today’s theme for WHAT THE FROCK WEDNESDAY is but I like the colour scheme as well as how comfortable everything is. (Unlike the cupcake dress I wore on Monday, this HELL BUNNY dress has an elastic back – yay for stretch!!)

I think I’m going to milk this look in 2013 (with the occasional band t-shirt) till I get sick of it. Oh gosh! I love the Hell Bunny dresses!

Oh and this is a new cardigan I picked up from the M&S sale earlier. Only $20, I think. Adding to my collection of cardigans… heh…

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Mint green “LOUISA” floral cherry rockabilly dress from HELL BUNNY

Outerwear: Lilac cropped 3/4 sleeve cardigan from M&S WOMAN

Skirt: Peach “MERINGUE” petticoat from DOMINO DOLLHOUSE

Accessories: Stack of 7 black/bronze/silver bangles from NEW LOOK; Black faux leather cuff bracelet from YOYOSTORE2010 on eBay; Silver cupcake & bow necklace from SEW OENO on etsy

Footwear: Black crochet socks and Brown distressed leather boots from RUBI SHOES




Thanks Shridar for taking these photos very quickly!


Fat-shionista #417

Hey hey it’s WHAT THE FROCK WEDNESDAY and my first day back at work. I miss Melbourne and hanging out with my inner circle but I’m happy to be back in my office socializing with my pals!

I even had a yummy chicken ramen lunch at Tori King with XH and Pearlyn! I miss our lunch chats and epicurean journeys during the work day. Today we travelled to Tanjong Pagar!

Here’s a new dress and I really love it! Got it from OFF YA TREE in Melbourne. I love that shop! The guys in there are pretty chill & easy. Bought 2 dresses from the one on Elizabeth Street. I love HELL BUNNY dresses more than ever now!

What do you think of my Pudgy-overaged-Harajuku-Taylor-Swift-getup? MWAHAHAHAHA!!! I can’t stop laughing as I type this.

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Black ruffle “Margot Floral” dress with pink/purple prints from HELL BUNNY

Outerwear: Black cropped cardigan from WAREHOUSE

Accessories: Floral shabby chic necklace from ACCESSORIZE

Tights: Hot Pink semi-sheer stockings from idon’tknow

Footwear: Brown distressed leather booties from RUBI SHOES




Special thanks to Dewi Diana for today’s photos!!


Fat-shionista #416

Hello! I’m blogging from Melbourne, Australia! Yoohoooo! (Have iPhone & Internet access will travel)

I arrived yesterday morning and there are 8 of us sharing a 2 bedroom service apartment in the heart of Chinatown. Great location, super clean, safe and awesome facilities. A little stretched for space (only 1 bathroom) because there are so many of us but it has been really fun! I highly recommend The Paramount Apartment on Exhibition Street. It’s a bit pricey – over AUD3000 for 7 days but well worth what we paid since there are 8 of us sharing. I’d gladly pay another AUD20 more a day!

So it’s another WHAT THE FROCK WEDNESDAY! It’s been nice and cold so I needed to bundle up. Dresses that I own are normally for tropical Singapore weather so this is a little hard to do but I’m doing ok so far.

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Purple & Yellow ric-rac dress from Ms. Tips on etsy

Inner wear: Black long sleeved heat tech v-neck top from Uniqlo

Accessories: Paperplane brooch from Macaroon at Far East Plaza

Leggings: Black opaque stockings from Dorothy Perkins

Outerwear: Black bomber jacket from Ted Baker

Footwear: Dracula vs Frankenstein Mary Janes from Em & Sprout on etsy

Thanks little Nat for taking these pictures on the balcony of our service apartment!




And here’s a hilarious photo of our friend Ler who’s my guest star today!



Fat-shionista #415

WHAT THE FROCK! It’s Wednesday!

I’m wearing one of my current favourite dresses! I wish I could wear it more often. Unfortunately our local public transport is a tight squeeze in the mornings and my big skirt brings out the tsktsk in other commuters. I took the taxi this morning, hence. Maybe I’ll wear it without the underskirt the next time.

This gorgeous dress is from Sohomode and I love the details so much! The big circle skirt, the piping, the velvet strips on the belt, the vintage fabric. I want another 2 more! To be honest though, it’s way more spendy than I usually am. Let’s just say that with the amount I spent on the dress (plus international shipping), I can buy 12 dresses in Singapore. I currently have my eye on THIS and THIS. They’re a little cheaper because they’re ready-to-wear and not custom. What do you think? Diana thinks I should gift them to myself. Heehee… How about throwing a few more “Yay”s in this direction?

Nonetheless, soooo beautiful and I don’t regret it.

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Pink floral print custom tea dress from Sohomode

Skirt: Black Meringue petticoat from DOMINO DOLLHOUSE

Footwear: Nude hidden wedge pumps from FROMTHEHEEL on eBay

Accessories: Black “Princess” ring with herkimer diamond from GGORIGINAL on etsy





Thanks for the Stepford wives art direction, Shridar! Unfortunate bad lighting though. Can’t be helped. I look ashen grey. HAHAH!


Fat-shionista #414

Yoohoooo! Howdy doody? It’s been a few days and I’ve been busy with a) crocheting Christmas gifts b) preparing for my GE WOMEN 10km run next Sunday c) getting ready for my holiday to watch Radiohead in Melbourne and d) Weddings weddings weddings (not mine of course)

Today’s WTFW is a new one from ASOS. It comes in black and pink, and I have BOTH! I love it so much!!! Unfortunately the pink one is in a small UK14 and really, it doesn’t fit, so… It’s gonna sit in my closet for a while. Well, until I get tired of it and give it away (or sell it) or finally lose enough weight to fit into it (HAH! Like that’d happen soon enough)

I have to wear this dress again! The weather is so dark and gloomy, it’s too difficult to get a good photo of this gorgeous dress

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Black rosette skater dress from ASOS

Accessories: Stack of 5 gold & silver metal bangles from FRENCH CONNECTION; Diamond & sapphire ring & pendant (gift from mum); OMEGA Seamaster bracelet watch

Footwear: Nude hidden wedge pumps from FROMTHEHEEL on eBay

Thanks to XH for taking these photos!




Fat-shionista #411

My blog turned 3 on Monday 15 October 2012 and it was an uneventful day. I ran a blog giveaway to celebrate this but I didn’t get the pictures I wanted to do the post. Basically, I sent out packages about a month ago but only 1 person out of 3 got them. Baaah! Hope they are not lost.

Anyway, hey! It’s another WHAT THE FROCK WEDNESDAY! And I’m wearing the diamond and sapphire jewellery my mum gave me for my birthday this year, together with the Omega Seamaster that I received at my 21st.

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Navy blue cherry print sundress from MARKS & SPENCER

Cardigan: Black cropped cardigan from WAREHOUSE

Bottom: Black meringue petticoat from DOMINO DOLLHOUSE

Footwear: Black ballet flats from AMERICAYA




Thanks Sianny! You’re really good at getting these pictures fast and beautiful!