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Fat-shionista #518


I put this on in a hurry 2 days ago when we had the sudden hankering for some noms at the Cheesecake Factory. T’s mum sent us an email to tell us that she was going to spend the birthday gift card we gave her on a low-calorie meal there with Grammy and it put the idea in our heads. So in 20 minutes, I grabbed an outfit and cleaned-up my face!

What I wore on Sunday:

Top: Orange frilly top with blue stars from TOPSHOP

Outerwear: Blue denim jacket from HIGH SIERRA

Accessories: Mint Green and silver multi-strand necklace from ACCESSORIZE

Bottom: Grey knit mini skirt from COTTON ON

Footwear: Black wedge pumps from ZIPIA

T’s step-mum gave me the denim jacket when we visited for Thanksgiving last year. I’d like to think it is from the 80s and has some cred but I don’t know for sure.


So anyway, the Cheesecake Factory does indeed have low-carb options – EVEN FOR VEGETARIANS! It is called the Skinnylicious menu and despite the fact that I hate amalgamated words like “bootylicious” or “retrolicious”, it is actually quite a good menu. While most items are “skinny”, it is only relative to their main menu. I’d definitely go back and order the same thing I did though. Between the 2 of us, we had a serving of Edamame, a Veggie Burger, Roasted Pear & Blue Cheese Flatbread and the Tiramisu Cheesecake (not diet-friendly but my husband convinces me that it’s a lot lower in calories than a Tiramisu). As you can tell, OMNOMNOMonsters struggle everyday but we always give ourselves breaks for trying. Will we ever be thin? Nope. Not a chance but who cares.

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Fat-shionista #497

Hah! I told you this was going to be one of my favourite dresses! I love how it fits and feels. Also, statement necklaces do particularly well paired with this dress. There’s something to be said about these crazy statement necklaces that are so perfect for lazy people who can’t be bothered to accessorize. I love love love them!

How do you store your accessories? I have several jewellery trees and little trays both in Singapore and Las Vegas. Heh heh… And I recently just got rid of 2 boxes of those I haven’t been wearing for a while. Too many! Too many I say!

Anyway, thanks to Sianny for the pictures!

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Grey Midi Dress with long sleeves from ASOS

Accessories: Natural bamboo weave bangle from Island Shop; Embellished Mirror Statement necklace from ACCESSORIZE (I can’t believe it was £9.50! I just bought it 2 weeks ago in Singapore for more than S$50!)

Footwear: Mustard coloured synthetic leather Mary Janes from ZIPIA




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Fat-shionista #486

OMG it’s Friday! Where did the week go? Wooooosh! And you know what? It’s the Singapore Blog Awards Ceremony tomorrow! I’m bringing my pal, Natalie aka DJ Pixiedub as my date (approved by T, of course). She’s really excited and was egging me on to dress according to their 60s-theme. I had plans to wear something else though… BAH!

Today’s outfit, I feel befits the coming of the weekend. This MS. READ round-neck, long tabbed-sleeved denim-lookalike (100% tencel. SO soft and so light!) retails for SGD89 (only SGD69 if you flash the special wastedfashion SGD20 off flyer from now till 31 July 2013. No need to print. Just show on your mobile device.). But hurry! It’s one of their season must-haves and a top seller!!! I can see why it’s popular. It didn’t look like much when I saw it online but I thought I would just try it on because I was surprised by the material texture when I saw it in the store. You can wear the sleeves up or up. If you’re taller than I am, pairing it with capris or 3/4 leggings and ballet flats would be a great casual weekend look. Also I’m wearing my regular size, UK16 here.

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Blue tunic with tabbed sleeves from MS. READ

Accessories: Green thick cord necklace from FONDA (at FAR EAST PLAZA); Gold weave belt from H&M

Footwear: Pink & leopard print creepers/flatforms from FROMTHEHEEL on eBay




From now till 31st July 2013, flash the above image (on your smart phone or mobile device) for a straight SGD20 off your total bill (for regular priced items) in store at 3 locations – Centrepoint, Metro Paragon and Metro Woodlands. wastedfashion readers can also get 20% discount for 1 entire year until 30 June 2014 by asking for the “wastedfashion discount”. (NOTE: Both discounts cannot be used simultaneously.)


Fat-shionista #484

After 2 back to back crazy weekends (especially last week), I was so glad to get a break even if it was just 1 day. I think I love the adrenaline rush of work and it feels really good when it shows that you’ve put in a lot of yourself in it. We had two highly positive closing stories and I was quoted without missing a beat. It’s great to have a really dependable team you can count on to deliver the goods, run the show, keep the audiences safe and also make the 10, 000 things I want to say about the festival coherently concise. Now, my work is done and it’s bitter-sweet for me. I’ve given 5 years of myself to this festival and almost 7 years to the company. I go on a long holiday at the end of next month and I can’t wait to go back home to T in Las Vegas. We will be travelling across the USA and I can’t wait! Arizona, New York and California – here I come! Okay lah, in another 50 days…

Anyway, here’s an outfit post! I picked this dress from the racks off the Centrepoint MS. READ shop. It’s something from their R by MS. READ (trendy contemporary styles) range and retails for S$119 (use the “wastedfashion” 20% discount code and it’ll only cost you S$95.20).

It’s so generously cut that I went a size down and am wearing a UK14 for this. I don’t wear a lot of black just because fat girls are told to wear black and I refuse to abide by that “slimming”rule. But I’m not against it. As you can see, it drapes really well and is very flattering. The studs on the neckline and the front flap are nice details to an otherwise plain and simple dress. Wednesdays are our long meeting days, so I do try to dress more appropriately for work (no dress code in the creative industry though). I love that the sleeves are a comfortable fit – not too baggy and not too tight. Do you have the uncomfortable, cannot-raise arms armhole issue? I do sometimes but not here. Also, remember that I’m only 1.53m tall, so for the length of this dress is probably not going to work for someone over 1.6m unless you like minis.

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Black front overlap studs dress from R by MS. READ

Accessories: Gold knotty weave metal dangling earrings from ALDO; Natural weave bangle from ISLAND SHOP

Footwear: Brown hidden wedge pumps from ZIPIA



So how does one go about slimming one’s face? I’ve still got the same round fat cheeks with the double chins.


From now till 31st July 2013, flash the above image (on your smart phone or mobile device) for a straight SGD20 off your total bill (for regular priced items) in store at 3 locations – Centrepoint, Metro Paragon and Metro Woodlands. wastedfashion readers can also get 20% discount for 1 entire year until 30 June 2014 by asking for the “wastedfashion discount”. (NOTE: Both discounts cannot be used simultaneously.)


Fat-shionista #483

Hey everyone! HAPPY FRIDAY! And with today’s post I’d like to tell you about PINK DOT (see my outfit) which is happening tomorrow.

Pink Dot Sg is a non-profit movement started by a group of individuals who care deeply about the place that LGBT Singaporeans call home. It is a group for everyone, straight and gay, who support the belief that everyone deserves the freedom to love. With openess and acceptance, we hope to bring LGBT Singaporeans closer to their family and friends.

Support of the LGBT community is so important to me that one of the first questions I asked T was what his views were. To him, it was a strange question because he doesn’t see why they are even considered different or why anyone wouldn’t support them. In fact, when we talked about if we had gay children what he would do, he said he would send them for karate lessons so that they can protect themselves from bullies. How awesome is that?

More than half my closest friends are gay and really, your sexual orientation is really your own private preference. I don’t care who you love as long as they love you back. If not I’ll punch them in the face for you if they hurt you.

So if you’re in Singapore tomorrow 29th June 2013, go down to Hong Lim Park at 5pm dressed in Pink!

What I’m wearing today (PINK DOTS of course!):

Dress: Green with Pink dots custom tailored copy frock

Accessories: White acrylic cloud earrings (gift from my boss Jobina); Gold weave belt from H&M; Pink fabric hair bow from ZIPIA; Pink acrylic Jumping Rope Girl brooch from LA CANICA on

Footwear: Brown hidden wedge pumps from ZIPIA

Thanks Ryddy for the snaps!




Fat-shionista #482

This is a quick one as it’s two days to crunch time! I sincerely thank Mylene for taking these photos for me even though she was waiting for an important phone call!

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Mint green LOUISA dress from HELL BUNNY

Accessories: Blue cord Chinese knot necklace from FONDA (at Far East Plaza, #03-50c)

Leggings: Teal tights from WE LOVE COLORS

Footwear: Mustard coloured synthetic leather Mary Janes from ZIPIA



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Fat-shionista #479

Most people did a double-take. Yes it’s that same dress from yesterday. I have however dressed it up differently than yesterday and I think that with the right accessorizing, it makes a world of a difference!

This is the Twisted Front & Back Dress sponsored by the nice people at FLOW. I’ve received many compliments in this dress. People think I look dressier than usual and some pointed out that it’s very flattering. (I reckon it’s the twisty bits disguising my lumps.)

The colour description says it’s BLUE but really, it look like a teal green in person. My camera doesn’t seem to capture it and it does turn out rather blue. I’m a little puzzled about this. Nonetheless, a great colour!

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Teal Twisted Front & Back Dress by FLOW

Accessories: Gold triangle plate earrings from GOGO PHILIP; Gold shell buckle belt from FRENCH CONNECTION

Footwear: Brown hidden wedge heels from ZIPIA



FLOW - blog readers

Download and print the above image to enjoy SGD20 off of your purchase of regular-priced items from 14-27 June 2013 at Isetan Scotts.


Fat-shionista #473

Just a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned in a blog entry that you’d be seeing me with more hair accessories now since my hair is longer and fluffier (read: more unruly). And TAH DAH! Here’s me with a new hair piece sponsored by Samantha Gan, the brains and nifty fingers behind Frills and Fancies. I love supporting small businesses, creative start-ups and indie crafters. Frills and Fancies is right up the alley. This week, I’ll be wearing some accessories sponsored by them and YOU, my readers stand a chance to win these very items from Frills & Fancies! All you need to do is LIKE the Frills and Fancies facebook page and LIKE the wastedfashion facebook page; then go to Frills and Fancies’ page and say which item you want. You might want to wait till I feature all 4 (count ’em FOUR) sponsored accessories before going “I WANT”. Unless of course you already know what you want. This giveaway is open to all WORLDWIDE and will end next Sunday 23 June 2013. Samantha will pick the 4 lucky winners at random.

Today, I’m wearing one of T’s favourite outfits – or a variation of how I last wore it. Maybe he will unfavourite this, who knows? Men! Pffftt… Anyway…

What I’m wearing today:

Top: Grey lace-insert tank top from TOPSHOP

Outerwear: Orange and brown plaid shirt from ATMOSPHERE (Primark)

Bottom: Grey elastic-waist hi-lo skirt from NEW LOOK

Accessories: Blue/Orange/Pink JANICE infinity bracelet (worn as a hippy headband) from FRILLS & FANCIES (It’s so cool! It has little guitar charms all around!)

Footwear: Black square studded P Galia loafers from STEVE MADDEN



About Frills & Fancies

FRILLS AND FANCIES was started in early 2013 by Samantha Gan. Every piece of jewelry is carefully handcrafted and made with superior materials. Each group of jewelry is made with a different group of audience in mind, and every single piece is made a little different so you can be assured that they are all, ‘same same but different’! Samantha constantly comes up with new designs and uses new materials each time, and most importantly the jewelry are affordable and customizable. Find her everywhere –, facebook, instragram or send her an email at!


Frills & Fancies will be at St James Powerhouse for the BLOGSHOP FESTIVAL on 29th June 2013, 1pm – 7pm.

  • Mention the “wastedfashion discount” to get 15% off all products!! ALL PRODUCTS!!
  • If you fancy, Samantha has 2 pairs (4 tixs) of tickets for immediate entry into the club for the BLOGSHOP FESTIVAL to give away. Skip the queue and enter immediately with these tickets. LIKE the Frills & Fancies facebook page and say “Give me tickets to St. James Powerhouse Flea Market, please” by 14th June 2013.


Fat-shionista #467

And how do we chase away the Monday blues? WITH BRIGHT BRRRRRIGHT REDS of course!

In 3 more days I get to fly to Las Vegas and I’m really excited. In the meantime, this means I only have 3 days to finish up my work so that I can enjoy my time with T, worry-free! So here’s a short, quick post today before I get back to the gggrrind!

What I’m wearing today:

Dress Red 80s vintage shift dress with cut-out back from Green Violet Vintage on

Accessories: Gold triangle plate earrings from GOGO PHILIP (at Topshop)

Footwear: Brown hidden wedge pumps from ZIPIA




Fat-shionista #458

Get up get up! It’s Monday!

What I’m wearing today:

Dress: Blue striped cherry print sundress from MARKS & SPENCER

Outerwear: Black broderie anglaise bolero from FRENCH CONNECTION

Accessories: Pearl necklace with copper skulls from DIVA ACCESSORIES

Footwear: Black hidden wedge pumps from ZIPIA